Engineering Manager, Heroku Data

The Department of Data is a team that provides performant and secure database-as-a-service products. We manage one of the largest collections of databases in the world, and you could have an impact on the experience of developers by leading the design and implementation of simple, intuitive workflows for running databases, and interacting with their data. We’re looking for a highly proficient engineering manager to support these initiatives as the teams grow and evolve.

If you’re the right person for this job, you will be passionate about enabling technical teams to do their very best work. You will know how to delegate effectively, providing context and resources and letting creativity flourish. Being concerned with the everyday well-being and effectiveness of your team and its members comes naturally to you. You will know when to stay out of the way, and when to intervene in the best interest of your team and the company. You will be inspired by the opportunity to build the platform of the future.

We are looking for engineering managers who:

  • Clearly articulate vision and provide direction
  • Create an environment with both autonomy and accountability
  • Eliminate ambiguity and drive the team towards concrete actions
  • Understand what motivates individuals and helps engineers do their best work
  • Create opportunities for career growth and leadership in their team
  • Pay close attention to the health and well-being of team members
  • Communicate effectively with customers, team members, and across team boundaries
  • Are able to manage a distributed team of engineers effectively
  • Love the products we are building and feel pain when our customers do
  • Enjoy working with Product Management to conceive creative solutions to tough problems
  • Care about quality and maintainability of systems we build and operate

Key Responsibilities

Management responsibility for engineering teams with DoD, including:

  • Line management (roles and responsibilities, procedures, etc.)
  • Aligning team goals with departmental and company goals
  • People management (hiring, onboarding, job satisfaction, professional development, etc.)
  • Project management (tools, process, methodologies, resolving blockage, etc.)
  • Understanding customer needs, in partnership with full-time product managers

Key Qualifications & Experience

  • 5+ years experience managing software engineering teams
  • 1+ years experience managing distributed teams
  • Ability to be a key member of a dynamic, fast-moving engineering team creating a highly technical product
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team members who may be remote or local, from diverse cultural backgrounds, about a range of technical and organizational subjects
  • Ability to work effectively with peer managers throughout the organization to agree and achieve shared goals
  • Ability to manage in a technical environment (software engineering or systems infrastructure background preferred)
  • Must deeply understand the needs of software engineers, both as team members and as customers
  • Must be proficient in a variety of management techniques, and be able to choose the right one for a given situation

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