Engineering Manager, Heroku Runtime

We're looking for an engineering manager to lead one of our Control Plane teams in Heroku Runtime. Our Control Plane engineering teams build systems that connect our Platform API to our infrastructure-layer services that interact with our infrastructure providers. The features we build in Control Plane enable customers to manage their application's processes (e.g. heroku ps:scale), deploy new containers, launch one-off processes, and many other things related to operating their dynos.

As an Engineering Manager you'll be responsible for supporting a team of 8 engineers, acting as a project manager and coach. You'll collaborate with product managers and other engineers and engineering managers within and outside of the Runtime department to deliver major projects as we evolve our platform. You'll also collaborate with peer managers in the Runtime department to help us create opportunities for all engineers in our department to be happy and successful, such as refining our processes to improve focus and minimize distraction, and organizing activities that help us plan for our future.

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