Lead Documentation Strategist - Heroku Dev Center

Heroku is recognized for its attention to detail, user experience, and fantastic products. The Heroku Dev Center is home to Heroku's documentation. We take pride in our documentation - it's a reflection of our product, in words.

We are looking for an experienced, talented, and motivated Documentation Strategist to: care for our existing documentation; drive, manage and guide the creation of new documentation sets for new products; and own and nurture the product that represents the Dev Center itself.

You will understand our customers (primarily developers), our products (primarily cloud / container products and services), and as a result know how to accurately communicate our product to our customers. You'll also know how to produce and edit high-quality technical content yourself, work with a team of fabulous people, and care about quality and developer experience.

What we're looking for

We're seeking someone who cares about words, about our platform, about clarity and accuracy of content, about education, about sharing knowledge, and working with others.

In addition, we need you to have maintained existing documentation sets, as well as guided the creation of new sets of documentation for new products.

You will have an editorial eye, and know how to repair broken documentation, and improve the quality of written words.

We're looking for a manager of our technical content, and our future technical content, and the product that is optimized to deliver that content.

You should be a skilled communicator, capable of conveying complex technical ideas simply and clearly. You should be passionate about technology, and capable of working with a technical product to fully grasp it and convey it to others.

The content under your ownership is used by all groups within Heroku, such as Dev Center itself, Product Marketing, Sales, Support and Product Management. More importantly, it's the primary interface with our customers - worldwide - and we care about that most of all.

Because we're pretty technical, we're looking for someone who can embrace the technology and help us craft good documentation.

You should enjoy learning too, about our product and ecosystem, and about the related technologies you may encounter along the way.

Key responsibilities

As the manager of Heroku's Dev Center, your responsibilities include:

  • Owning the Dev Center product and its features, and guiding its development.
  • Guiding the creation of new documentation sets for products: from consistent terminology, to how we speak about new features and tech.
  • Understanding our product and changes to the product, and the impact of those on our documentation.
  • Play an active role in editing content when that's needed.
  • Working with Heroku teams in the generation of new content, coordinating on other content efforts, and helping to prioritize the content that we need to produce.
  • Working on ways to improve delivering the right pieces of content at the right time.
  • Help guide the development of the Heroku Dev Center platform, information architecture, localisation and more.
  • Monitoring the performance of the Dev Center and working to continually optimize reach.
  • Working with Product Management and Support to ensure our documentation remains accurate and excellent.

Key competencies

  • Strong proficiency in understanding technical concepts and communicating them clearly.
  • Strong customer and stakeholder empathy.
  • Ability to work with management to establish goals and priorities.
  • Experience maintaining and creating sets of documentation.
  • High standards of quality and attention to detail.
  • Ability to write clean, concise, and approachable docs.
  • An understanding of cloud computing and cloud platforms.
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages: Ruby, JavaScript/Node.js, Java, Scala, Python, PHP, Go, etc. is required to work effectively on our platform.
  • A willingness to explore new technology, services, and ideas, with fantastic colleagues.
  • Ideally, a working knowledge of how to guide writing for international audiences and for ease of translation.
  • Ideally, an understanding of how content is found and the value of SEO - we'd really love your content to be read or viewed by as many people as possible.
  • Ideally an understanding of how to work and write for a global audience.

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