Runtime Director of Product Management

Heroku’s mission is to create the fastest path for application developers to turn an idea into a production app of any scale. We want to remove every obstacle that slows down creative coders and let them focus on their customers’ experience while leaving everything else to our service. Today, Heroku powers millions of apps ranging from personal hobby apps to Internet top 100 apps. In aggregate we serve billions of requests per day. Yet, it only takes minutes for a new developer to get the first app up and running, ready to serve customers.

Heroku is one of the fastest growing businesses at Salesforce.

We are looking for an experienced product manager to define the next generation of Heroku's runtime environment (ingress/egress, service-to-service networking, container orchestration, logging). You'll be responsible for delivering a best-in-class microservices UX to Heroku developers, taking advantage of tools such as Kubernetes and Istio.

You'll also work with our largest enterprise customers and represent their needs with our engineering team. The role will be responsible for managing the Private Spaces product, which provides customers with their own single-tenant, network-isolated runtime environment. In the last few months we've released features critical for these customers to be successful, including VPC peering, VPN, HIPAA and PCI compliance.


  • Work with product and engineering leadership to design Heroku's next-generation runtime environment.
  • Validate next-generation runtime environment designs with customers.
  • Own the Private Spaces product, from customer sales calls, to prioritization with engineering, to feature design.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the Private Spaces customers' experience with the rest of the Heroku platform, including our data services, dashboard, code deployment features, etc.

Key Competencies

  • Strong technical ability — The role is unique in that it requires intimate knowledge of very technical products including Linux, Kubernetes, and Istio.
  • Familiarity with common networking concepts such as API gateways, VPCs, VPN, and DNS.
  • An understanding, or a willingness to learn very quickly, what large enterprise customers value in a cloud provider / PaaS solution.
  • 7+ years of product management experience, with demonstrated ability to discover opportunities, define and deliver products, and lead multidisciplinary teams.
  • Strong customer and stakeholder empathy. You'll represent multiple points of view, including those of the customer, marketing, finance, engineering, support and ops.
  • Comfortability working with a highly-distributed team.
  • The ability to say “no”. As a PM on runtime you will be at the heart of Heroku's business, with a deluge of feature requests. You'll need very strong prioritization and diplomacy skills, as well as a strong backbone.

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