Senior Developer Advocate

Are you a software developer but also excited about helping other developers grow and be successful by engaging with and educating them? If that sounds interesting to you, please read on.

Heroku is looking for a Developer Advocate with past experience in a developer-facing role, creating demos, speaking at events, writing blog posts, creating code samples and reference apps, providing best practices/guidance and building communities. This role can be remote or you can work from a Salesforce office, but we would prefer you to be in a North American timezone. Also, this role will require 10-30% travel, based on developer conference schedules.


Heroku’s mission is to create the fastest path for application developers to turn an idea into a production app of any scale. We want to remove every obstacle that slows down creative coders and let them focus on their customers’ experience while leaving everything else to our service. Today, Heroku powers over 9 million apps ranging from personal hobby apps to Internet top 100 apps. In aggregate, we serve more than 26 billion requests per day and manage over 2 million data stores. Yet, it only takes minutes for a new developer to get the first app up and running, ready to serve customers.

Heroku is one of the fastest-growing businesses at Salesforce.

Heroku’s Developer Advocacy team is a scrappy but powerful team distributed around the U.S. We educate, inspire, and spark community among developers and also advocate internally for them. Sometimes this means working individually on some code or a demo or a conference talk. Other times, this means working closely with other Heroku teams like Product, Marketing, or Engineering.


  • Interact (virtually and in-person) with developers
  • Write blog posts
  • Organize meetups
  • Create product demos
  • Build and share sample apps and code
  • Record podcasts
  • Test new product features
  • Speak at developer conferences
  • explain architecture and answer questions in design/white boarding sessions
  • Attend events
  • Collect and share developer trends, desires, and feedback internally
  • Mentor other developers (writing and speaking)
  • Maybe most importantly, decide which of these are important and define how we work on them



You're a developer first. As a coder, you can empathize with other developers, build credibility speaking to them, and even sit down with them in a debugging session.

You have experience with at least one of Heroku’s supported languages: Node, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, or Go and something else. “Experience” meaning not just an understanding of the syntax but also the community. And that “something else” could be data, Apache Kafka, API design, web performance, mobile development, continuous delivery, microservices, distributed systems architecture, AI/ML, etc. Share what you're excited about with us.

But you aren't satisfied just calling yourself a developer.


You also like engaging deeply with developers and the communities they form. This means you've participated in or helped to organize meetups, conferences, or design sessions. Or it could mean that you've been an integral member of a popular open source project, or you've otherwise participated in a community in a meaningful way virtually. Ideally, more than one of these things.


Content is how the Developer Advocate communicates their ideas and the meaning behind their code. Whether it's writing a technical blog post, scripting out an engaging demo, crafting a clear GitHub repo README, writing sample code, speaking in a podcast, or presenting an idea or project in a conference talk, content is the vehicle that allows us to share our message with and receive feedback from a larger audience.

You should relish the thought of composing clean, clear prose almost as much as you do writing concise, elegant code and not be averse to speaking in front of a group of your peers.


  • Infectious energy
  • Excited about Heroku’s desire to provide simple, intuitive tools to developers
  • Experience at a company with a developer-focused product
  • Comfortable (as much as one can be) with public speaking
  • Comfortable speaking with customers

Apply for Senior Developer Advocate You will be taken to the listing on Salesforce’s career site.