Senior, Lead, or Principal Engineer, Lifecycle Team - Remote (Europe)

Server-Side Developer with the Lifecycle Team - Heroku


You are from any geography within time zones that cover the EU. Heroku’s headquarters are in San Francisco, but more than 80% of our team works remotely.


Heroku operates the world’s largest PaaS cloud, continuously delivering millions of apps with a high volume of deploys per day. Our vision is for developers to focus on their applications, and leave operations to us. Heroku is a fast-growing business unit of Our work environment is collaborative, flexible and supportive. We’re passionate about engineering excellence and customer success.

We are looking for a server-side developer with the Heroku Lifecycle engineering team. Our team is responsible for the systems that support application development, build and deployment onto the Heroku platform. This includes features like continuous integration, continuous deployment, auto-scaling, application metrics, pipelines and review apps.

Most of our services are written in Ruby and Go. That said, we aren’t looking for Ruby or Go experts - just good developers. We operate all of our production applications and everyone participates in the on-call rotation. Our team does a mix of new feature development and maintenance work. We also collaborate heavily with many other engineering and product teams on their projects.

Key attributes of being a strong contributor to our team

  • You have good collaboration skills - a desire and ability to collaborate well both with other engineers and non-engineering roles. We do much of our work in collaboration with other teams.
  • You have the skills to give and receive good feedback. We highly value communication within the team, continuously improving ourselves, and the way we work together.
  • You value empathy and teamwork. We celebrate our successes as a team, and we help each other to achieve that success.
  • You have a strong commitment to engineering excellence. We care about our code, our interfaces, our tests, our continuous delivery pipelines, and our metrics and monitoring.
  • You love learning new things - architecture, technology, languages and features are constantly evolving.
  • You have a good ability to solve problems in complex systems: you’re not afraid to dive in, read the logs, ask for help, and follow the stack traces wherever they go.
  • You can work and prioritize in an environment that has many simultaneous projects, teams, interrupts, and priorities. It is important that you are able to understand our key drivers and use that understanding to help prioritize your efforts.

How We Work

  • We successfully work across the US and the EU.
  • Engineering and Product work together to define the roadmap.
  • Team members are grouped into squads that follow a program and squads are formed across teams.
  • Squads have ongoing projects, usually with two or three engineers, that collaborate daily. Sometimes this involves pairing and other times more asynchronous collaboration.
  • We have an on call rotation which handles code reviews, incident response, support tickets, and general questions for the team. This allows the rest of the team more ability to work without interruptions.
  • We have weekly 1-1s with our manager to have a space to have meaningful conversations. This can be anything from discussing a recent project, giving or receiving feedback about a recent change on the team, or discussing career growth.

Bonus Relevant Experience

  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience working with Kafka or event-based systems
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes and Prometheus

What we offer

  • A chance to work with a supportive group of people on a large set of interesting problems.
  • Opportunity and support to learn and grow as a developer.
  • Opportunity and support for professional development. For example attending or speaking at conferences, or attending outside training.
  • A commitment to equal pay.
  • A company that values diverse backgrounds and an inclusive culture.
  • Great benefits.
  • Commitment to working remotely. Many of our teams are more than 50% remote and we strive to make the “remote worker” experience as good as being in the office.

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