Software Engineer, Heroku DX, Builds/Developer Experience

Heroku DX Software Engineer

Who are you?

We’re looking for people who are interested in the software development lifecycle and their best practices, how software is tested, packaged, and released to production as web applications or services.

You value empathy and teamwork. We celebrate our successes as a team, and we help each other to achieve that success. You have a strong commitment to engineering excellence. We care about our code, our interfaces, our tests, our continuous delivery pipelines, and our metrics and monitoring. You have the skills to give and receive feedback. We highly value communication within the team, continuously improving ourselves, and the way we work together.

You have a good ability to solve problems in complex systems: you’re not afraid to dive in, read the logs, ask for help, and follow the stack traces wherever they go. You can work and prioritize in an environment that has many simultaneous projects, teams, interrupts, and priorities. It is important that you are able to understand our key drivers and use that understanding to help prioritize your efforts.


  • You need to have worked with complex distributed systems and be familiar with how the internet and web applications work.
  • Willing to work on a distributed team (majority of the team works from home) spanning multiple time zones. Prior remote work experience not required, as many of us learned how to work remotely on the job.
  • Comfortable reading and writing code with a team in at least one of Ruby, Go, Python, Java, or Erlang. It's fine if you know more than one of those languages and/or other languages, but they are the four most important languages that Heroku & Salesforce is built upon. We need people who are comfortable with them, and open to switching between them.

About DX Tools & UI

Salesforce DX provides the development tools to build and deliver applications running on the Salesforce and Heroku platforms. Our vision is for developers to focus on their applications and organizations using simple, delightful interfaces, and leave operations to us. We are creating our first Function as a Service (FaaS) platform, called Evergreen, extending and improving the capabilities of the Heroku and Salesforce

The DX Tools & UI team is a new development team within Salesforce. We provide flexibility of software development with tooling, user interfaces, and 3rd-party integrations that enable customers to be successful in their application development, organization changes, deployment, measurement, testing and integration.

We are hiring software developer to enhance the platform to provide workflows and tools to help developers manage the entire application lifecycle, from development and testing to staging and production. We're responsible for features such as Pipelines, Review Apps, Heroku CI, and includes building containers from source, employing buildpacks, and continuous deployment.

What's this job like?

This job is open to people anywhere in North America (the United States and Canada). You can work at a Salesforce office or work from home. Aspects of the role include:

  • Designing and delivering products to customers though leveraging the existing Heroku platform in order extend it to provide new features such as Heroku CI, Review Apps 2.0, and Functions as a Service.
  • Test, troubleshoot, and debug issues related to compatibility, functionality, and performance
  • Participation in the on-call rotation with your team to keep services operational and highly available
  • Contributions to Open Source, steering projects that are important to us such as Cloud Native Buildpacks.
  • Other likely projects include:
    • Stability and scaling improvements
    • Reducing toil through automation
    • Keeping our systems healthy, secure and up-to-date

How do I know if I should apply?

If you have experience with any of the following topics, you should apply!

  • You are a curious, self-directed problem solver who enjoys working with people
  • You have a strong software development background
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms, such as AWS, GCP, Azure.
  • Experience with Unix, REST API’s, HTTP services, databases, and web programming
  • Curiosity to use technology like Kubernetes, KNative, Riff, Tekton, Cloud Native Buildpacks
  • You have an interest in: software development lifecycle, continuous testing and delivery, devops, API development, web application development, distributed computing, complex systems, PaaS, IaaS, cloud services.

While not required, to get to know you a little better, please consider sharing any of the following:

  • An example of source code you've worked on, or a link to your Github account
  • A brief description of your skills, interests, and work style

Apply for Software Engineer, Heroku DX, Builds/Developer Experience You will be taken to the listing on Salesforce’s career site.