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1Byte Beta Moves Flagship App from AWS to Heroku for Fast Deployment, Iteration, and Scalability

Meetmi improves company first impressions with elegant visitor registration system

In October 2014, 1Byte Beta released its first product to market — Meetmi, a visitor registration app for the iPad. 1Byte Beta's product designers noted that the welcome experience for company visitors is often cumbersome or unpredictable. Even if a receptionist is present, the processes of visitor registration, host notification, and record keeping can be tedious and manually intensive. Meetmi aims to streamline this process and provide an elegant way to digitally welcome and register guests, thereby improving a visitor's introduction to the company.

Optimizing Post-Launch

The young startup initially focused its energy on developing and releasing their first product and a subsequent update a month later. However, they quickly looked at how to optimize their business, particularly around infrastructure and development. Their goal was to achieve a solid workflow and continuous deployment across products and services, while keeping costs contained.

MeetMi from 1Byte Beta

1Byte Beta's initial set up for Meetmi involved running their own AWS servers and keeping a close watch on key aspects to ensure a quality service. Because of this, they had to look elsewhere for the additional expertise and technologies needed, as well as try to predict and control costs. This took valuable time and resources away from iterating on their newly launched product, as well as focusing on developing future products and services.

An All-in-One Secure Solution on Heroku

When considering alternatives to AWS, the 1Byte Beta team was impressed by Heroku's growing portfolio of customers, from successful startups to large corporations. They quickly found that the Heroku platform was the right solution to meet their needs.

I opened an account with Heroku to check it out — the following day, all our products and services were deployed on Heroku. Shlomi Nissan, Founder, 1Byte Beta

1Byte Beta Office

Because they are collecting sensitive information through their service, the team made security a top priority. When they were on AWS, they had to handle platform security themselves, forcing them to stay continuously up to date on the latest security threats and rely on outside consultants for solutions and best practices. Now they know that the Heroku team has them and their customers' data secured with Heroku Postgres' data encryption features, and the other enterprise-grade security features built into the platform. They know if a new bug or vulnerability like Heartbleed pops up, the Heroku team will be on it. The 1ByteBeta team can focus on their app.

The Heroku Elements marketplace of over 150 integrated, add-on services was another selling point for the 1Byte Beta team. With one command, they could easily install and configure additional functionality to their app that would scale alongside their app. Most importantly, Heroku Add-ons allow them to centralize almost all of their services under one account, saving costs as well as development time.

Managing Add-ons in Heroku is simple and intuitive, and can save you time and money in the long run. Shlomi Nissan, Founder, 1Byte Beta

During development, the team found that accessing Git — Heroku's decentralized revision control system — in early stage development greatly improved their workflow. They could deploy an app in seconds and rest assured that all major changes have been committed and tested, preventing unexpected errors post-deployment.

Finally, Heroku's “pay as you grow” pricing model gave the young startup more control over their operating costs. Using a single slider, they can upgrade or downgrade their server's infrastructure to match their usage forecast, allowing them to create a more accurate budget.

MeetMi from 1Byte Beta

With Heroku, you have complete control over your spending. Shlomi Nissan, Founder, 1Byte Beta

App Experience

Meetmi offers company visitors an elegant digital welcome experience at reception. Visitors no longer have to sign in on paper, but instead use a simple touch screen interface to register their details in the company visitor log. The system immediately lets them know that their host has been contacted and informed of their arrival, giving them peace of mind. The system will even wirelessly print a visitor badge for them.

Companies use Meetmi to collect a visitor's details, organize meeting notes, and share that information with the rest of their team, while ensuring a positive first impression for their guests. Configuration options are available to specify the type of guest or visit, enhancing the visitor records with further detail. Their subscription service model provides several options for monthly activity based on the number of contacts or SMS notifications needed per month.

Is your new startup looking for a way to establish a cost effective infrastructure that allows you to iterate and deploy quickly? 1Byte Beta switched to Heroku and has seen fast results, prompting them to share their experience with other developers. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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