Heroku Helps Hy-Vee Deliver Innovative New Mobile Services for Retail Customers

Midwest grocery chain puts their customers first with powerful loyalty app

Founded in 1930, Hy-Vee operates 235 retail stores throughout the Midwest. The company focuses on customer service, good prices, and consumer health and wellness, and in that spirit, they host athletic activities such as triathlons and offer nutrition consultations and organic products.

The Challenge: Keeping Up With Customer Expectations

Hy-Vee is a company that puts a premium on customer service and in 2011, Hy-Vee corporate leaders realized that having a mobile app was necessary for competing with larger chain stores and meeting customer needs. They wanted to provide first-class customer service without the costs of a major software vendor, while having the freedom to change and adapt quickly to customer expectations. Their goal was to be able to address customer concerns on the spot, whether they come from phone calls, social media, email or personal contact.

The Solution: A Loyalty App Built on Heroku

Hy-Vee contracted with Taqtile Mobility, a mobile software platform and services company that builds mobile solutions for retail customers on the Heroku platform. The results have been impressive. The mobile app has gathered more than 250,000 users with little marketing effort, and has won numerous local and national awards for functionality and design.

The Hy-Vee app offers customers a way to connect to Hy-Vee whenever and wherever they are, and with Heroku powering their services, they can provide location-aware capabilities for things like discounts, gas prices and inventory, as well as special events.

Heroku also provides Hy-Vee the ability to handle bursts of event-driven demand without a lot of extra cost — a big advantage to a store chain that has to compete with national chains on price, service and features. During events such as the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving or the March Madness college basketball tournament, Hy-Vee can reach out to its customers with special offers, menus and event recipes — and when users select a featured item they get an instant discount.

App Experience: Rich Features, Intuitive UI

The Hy-Vee app, available on both iOS and Android, allows consumers to create a personalized shopping experience. It helps them save time, organize shopping trips and learn more about the products and services available at their favorite store.

The app includes many standard retail features such as store locator, shopping list and weekly ads, but also offers unique features like Product Locator, which allows consumers to find specific products by aisle or department at their preferred store. The app also has voice recognition so the customer can reorder a medication or locate a product without typing. Digital Coupons in the Hy-Vee app is incredibly simple – with just one click, the coupon is immediately linked to your card and when you checkout the coupons are automatically redeemed.

The Hy-Vee app gives customers opportunities to engage with the store in a timely manner: they check balance card rewards, call or send email to them directly from the app. A user can even report an item out of stock.

Is your company looking to expand their customer outreach and deliver an innovative mobile experience? Hy-Vee is a great example of a company finding new ways to keep their customers coming back with new and unique mobile features. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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