IRIS.TV Uses Heroku to Rapidly Prototype Apps

Video recommendation engine helps publishers deliver a personalized and engaging user experience

IRIS.TV is the leading in-player video recommendation engine designed to create continuous streams of personalized video. Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2011 as Jukebox TV, the company has already partnered with major content providers and video platforms including Panasonic, Verizon, Brightcove, JWPlayer, and OVGuide.

The Challenge: Ramping Up Mobile Video Delivery, the largest independent guidance site for online video, receiving more than 12 million unique visitors per month, reached out to IRIS.TV to expand the reach and functionality of their iOS app. Because OVGuide offers a variety of free full-length movies, TV shows, and trending viral videos, they were looking for a way to jump start users into an engaging short form video experience leveraging their library of clips and trailers.

Because IRIS.TV specializes in helping their customers discover new content based on historical engagement, individual preferences, and content similarities, they knew they would be able to help. IRIS.TV enables customers to easily turn their video assets into TV-like experiences personalized to the individual viewer; and this is exactly what OVGuide was looking for.

The Solution: Improve App Development for Rapid Prototyping

Working with OVGuide, IRIS.TV was able to implement their in-player video recommendation engine quickly. Immediately after the IRIS.TV integration, OVGuide saw an impressive 44% lift in total monthly video views.

IRIS.TV uses the Heroku platform for rapid prototyping, which helps them test solutions to find the best one quickly without having to perform lengthy setup.

Heroku allows us to push a demo application for a client quickly without having to provision a server or set up the DNS. Joel Spitalnik, Vice President, Engineering, IRIS.TV

App Experience: Personalizing Consumer Video

IRIS.TV is a white label solution, so you can see their technology powering the experiences on a number of different websites. Powered by Adaptive Stream™, IRIS.TV utilizes adaptive machine learning to programmatically deliver the right content to the right viewer continuously and in real-time. For example, when you watch a video on a site such as OVGuide, there is an overlay of buttons with options such as a thumbs up/down that offer additional personalization through interactivity. If the viewer clicks thumbs down, IRIS.TV updates the streams and immediately presents the viewer with another video. If the user clicks thumbs up, the information is captured to further improve the personalized viewing experience.

Is your company looking to provide a white label solution that delivers a real-time customer experience? IRIS.TV is a great example of a customer using Heroku for rapid prototyping. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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