Marsh Supermarkets

Marsh Reaches Local Customers with Mobile Shopping App Powered by Heroku

Local grocery chain competes with big stores thanks to a mobile shopping app

Marsh operates nearly 100 grocery stores and 41 pharmacies across Indiana and Ohio. The company has a history of innovation — it was the first grocery anywhere to use electronic scanners — and their mission is to create an exceptional shopping experience while supporting and improving the communities they serve.

The Challenge: Scalability and Affordability for Competitive Advantage

Marsh wanted a mobile app for their customers that was as productive and easy to use as the apps from big chain grocers, but it had to be built within budget, and had to reflect Marsh’s unique brand and personal commitment to its customers They tried using a web app provider, but their apps were generic, not customizable, lacked features and didn’t provide the user experience Marsh wanted.

The Solution: Heroku Makes Small Look Big

Marsh engaged Heroku Partner Taqtile Mobility, a mobile software and services provider, who could deliver the features Marsh wanted at an affordable cost, due in large part to Taqtile’s TQ1 platform being built on Heroku. The result is a tandem of mobile applications that are richer, more responsive and more engaging than anything that the big chains have produced. They include features such as store finder, loyalty cards, mobile coupons and customized content based on user and location.

For Marsh the app became an overnight success, quickly eclipsing the meager adoption rates of the previous mobile offering. Within 5 months of the new Heroku applications launching, the number of users has more than doubled, and the level of engagement within the application is way up.

The benefits of such an app to a small company competing with large chain stores are significant: when you consider their mobile presence, Marsh looks as product- and feature-rich as a big store. This lets them compete with the big chains at the same level, but without significant cost.

App Experience

The Marsh app, available on iTunes and Google Play, also has the power and flexibility to reach its customers on a customized basis with geolocation. They can push out any content, either in the form of a Push notification or a mobile coupon, and they can do so on a very personal basis based on the shopper’s store location.

The Marsh app is a delight to use: it’s fast and rich in graphics but has just the features you want while shopping. You can organize the coupons you receive by priority, date or value, and clip coupons and view and navigate quickly through weekly ads.

You can also select from more than 18 categories of products that interest you. Customers can create personal shopping lists within the Marsh app. With Heroku powering the back-end, all you do is enter the name of an item and the app shows you where in the current store it’s located (for example, on Aisle 6 or in Produce).

The benefits of an app like ours to a small company competing with large chain stores is significant. Our mobile presence is as feature-rich as the big stores. Tim White, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Marsh

Is your company looking to deliver an innovative mobile experience? Marsh is a great example of a company providing retail solutions such as store location, customer-specific information, discounts and coupons, all in a single mobile app, powered by Heroku. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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