An elegant platform for modern PHP apps

How PHP applications run on the Heroku platform
  1. Developer deploys code
  2. Apps run in smart containers (dynos)
  3. Developer manages app in dashboard
  4. Data in web scale backing service via add-ons (database)
  5. User makes a request, which is served by the app
Heroku gives you simple, easy ways to…


Heroku runs your PHP applications inside a dyno, a smart container which provides a modern stack with your choice of web server (Apache or Nginx) and runtime — PHP 5.5 and higher, including PHP 7 or HHVM. How to select a runtime for PHP apps →

Architect and scale

The Heroku runtime makes it easy to deploy loosely coupled services that run in secure, share-nothing containers. Horizontally scaling your app is as simple as dragging a slider in the Heroku Dashboard. How to scale dynos →


Compose modern PHP apps using popular libraries via Composer and services with Heroku Add-ons. Add fully managed services like Heroku Postgres, MongoLab, Heroku Redis, New Relic and more with one command. How to manage PHP dependencies on Heroku →