For a continuous delivery practice to thrive, everyone involved in an app’s development must share the mindset and habits that contribute to a smooth process. Every member of the team—from product managers to designers to developers—is responsible for the success of their part all the way to production. A few CD best practices will help orient the team right from the beginning.

Focus on quality

Take time to define and invest in quality metrics, from unit test coverage, linting, peer reviews of code, and code styling to rules violations and complexity measurements. Create short feedback loops to quickly resolve issues and bugs as they arise. This will help developers produce higher-quality code throughout the process, and fewer issues will be found later on when it’s more difficult and expensive to fix.

Stay production-ready

A feature is only “done” when it’s made its way to production. This implies ownership of a project right up until it’s in the hands of the user and working properly. Checking the code back to a version control system does not mean it is done! Even if the product is not ready for release, keep the code in a releasable, production-ready state.

Automate where possible

The software release process should be repeatable and reliable by investing in automating repeatable tests and tasks. Manual process can hardly be labeled as reliable, no matter how carefully they are set up and done. A build or set of builds with different types of tests that runs multiple times per day, in different environments is an automated workflow that can take many hours to do manually, or even impossible to do without an automated CI process.

Improve with continuous feedback

Be sure to get continuous feedback and monitor technical metrics, user experience, and all key stages of an application lifecycle, from development to production. This helps improve things at earlier stages of the process, requiring less time, energy, and cost. Smart monitoring and an established continuous improvement process helps teams release in shorter cycles with less risk and better quality.