Support channels

Technical support

Find technical docs and tutorials in our Dev Center.

Visit our help portal to access our knowledge base or to create a support ticket.

Get Heroku community support on Stack Overflow.

Billing & account support

Visit our help portal to find quick answers to common account-related questions or create a billing support ticket.

Heroku Add-ons support

For add-on support, visit our help portal and search for your specific add-on.

Account Lockout

Please use the Account Lockout form to get in touch with Heroku Support.

Sales team

Sales inquiries

To speak with a Heroku Sales representative, please tell us about your needs and we’ll be in touch.


Careers at Heroku

Learn about working at Heroku and see open positions on our careers page.

Legal and security

Security issues

To report vulnerabilities related to Heroku, follow our reporting guidelines. For all other security issues, visit our help portal.

Copyright/Trademark infringement

To notify Heroku of copyright or trademark infringement, follow our DMCA Notices guide.

Abuse reporting

To report suspected abuse of Heroku products, email: