FIX E-Commerce Sample App

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This sample e-commerce application provides a reference template for a mobile responsive webapp that can be tightly integrated with Salesforce workflows and data, for the fictional coffee equipment retailer FIX. With features like different merchandising modes, a product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout, this application also synchronizes customer, order, and product data with Salesforce. This allows workflows such as canceling orders or updating the product description on the website all from within Salesforce. This Ruby on Rails application leverages HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the mobile responsive front-end, as well as the Spree storefront to produce the e-commerce experience. Application data is retained in a Heroku Postgres SQL database, and which is bi-directionally synchronized to Salesforce with Heroku Connect.


Nibs Loyalty Program Sample App

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A sample loyalty program app provided as a base model for hybrid web/mobile app dev on Heroku. Built as a hybrid AngularJS app composed of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the server side is implemented as a Node.js application running on top of a Postgres database. App users register and accrue points in a loyalty program through shopping and social sharing activities at a fictional high-end chocolate retailer, Nibs. This baseline app experience can be built out with additional integrations to other Salesforce products to create more engaging customer experiences. Watch the video to see how it works.


QuizLive Mobile / Real Time App

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Deploy a simple game app on Heroku as a base for real time / synchronous mobile app dev on Heroku. Players interact with the app to play trivia games against each other, creating real time customer engagement experiences with other live users. Notification of new questions and answer results are broadcast to users of the app using the SocketIO library, via Web sockets. Built as a hybrid AngularJS app composed of HTML, CSS and Javascript, the server side is implemented as Node.js application running on top of a Postgres database.

Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect is a powerful product that synchronizes data between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres, making it easy for developers to build apps on Heroku that share data with Salesforce deployments. The Nibs sample app uses Heroku Connect to help Salesforce users sync content, location and customer data between the customer facing mobile app and a Salesforce org. Get more information and request a trial.

Service Cloud: SOS Beta

Service Cloud: SOS Beta / Service Cloud Integration

Service Cloud Console can take video chat calls from customers via Heroku-based mobile apps, like the Nibs sample app. In Nibs, SOS integrates with the app via an iOS SDK; you can view the Apache Cordova project used for Nibs, with the SOS integration. SOS is currently in Beta. Contact SOS Product Manager Nicholas Ksiezopolski for more information.

Marketing Cloud: MobilePush

Marketing Cloud: Push Notifications

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Send push notifications with the MobilePush and Journey Builder for Apps SDKs from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Sample code and documentation from the Nibs mobile app are given for reference.

Marketing Cloud: Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud: Journey Builder Custom Activity

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Journey Builder helps marketers create 1:1 customer journeys that can be asynchronously executed based on individual customer activity patterns. View the sample code that enters a Nibs user into a journey based on an in-app action, then executes a Journey Builder Custom Activity inside the app for that user.

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