Why run Dockerized apps on Heroku?

Take advantage of Docker as the de facto industry standard for packaging apps and benefit from Heroku’s high-productivity developer experience, integrated continuous delivery, and managed infrastructure.

Dev/Prod parity

Develop locally and then deploy the same Docker images to production. Deploy with confidence knowing that code that works on your local machine will also run the same in production.


With Heroku you have the flexibility of deploying pre-built Docker images via our Container Registry, or building your Dockerfiles on Heroku and taking advantage of Review Apps and Heroku Pipelines.

Managed platform

Just because you’re using Docker shouldn’t mean you have to roll your own container infrastructure. With Heroku, you get the power of Docker with the benefits of running on Heroku: container orchestration, maintained infrastructure, HTTP routing, a robust add-ons ecosystem, and a world-class SRE and operations team.

Workflow for developer productivity

Build and deliver apps with a workflow designed for developer and team productivity. Take advantage of Heroku Pipelines and Review Apps to bring structure, insight, and simplicity to your app dev process.

Be more productive building Dockerized apps

Build & run Dockerized apps

Push your code and Dockerfile, and then let Heroku build your app and deploy it. Heroku handles container orchestration.

Customize your stack with Docker

Install packages or libraries using your OS package manager. Choose any base OS image — it's your stack to curate, backed by Heroku.

Test changes with Review Apps

Propose, test, and discuss code changes using temporary Heroku apps that spin up automatically with each pull request.

Develop with Docker, deploy to Heroku

Use Docker for local development on Windows, Linux, or Mac. When you're ready, just push your code and Dockerfile to build and deploy your Docker images to Heroku.

Build environment starts in seconds

Unlike other build systems, Heroku starts building your Docker images with no wait time.

Get started

Learn more about Docker on Heroku.

Deploy via Container Registry Build Docker images
  • Docker Builds with heroku.yml is awesome. We've started to migrate to Docker, and Heroku allows us to maintain the same deployment method whilst enjoying the benefits of Docker.

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