Become a Heroku Ecosystem Partner

As a Heroku Ecosystem Partner, you have an opportunity to expand your customer base and expose your company and services to tens of thousands of potential adopters. The Heroku Elements Marketplace gives you a new channel to market and deliver your services.

Who are Heroku Ecosystem Partners?

Heroku Ecosystem Partners, formerly known as Add-on Providers, are service vendors that provide technical solutions for Heroku customers, helping them build apps faster and more efficiently. These cloud-based tools and services are integrated into the Heroku developer experience as Heroku Add-ons. Our Ecosystem Partners fully manage and support their own services. To get a sense of the wide range of partners, as well as Heroku Add-ons currently available, browse the Heroku Add-ons catalog.

Why partner with Heroku?

Heroku Add-ons are very popular with our developer community. As an Ecosystem Partner, you can share your services, new innovations, and best practices with a highly-targeted audience, which drives greater awareness, trial, and adoption of your solutions. Our REST API and tooling for add-on partners make technical integrations with Heroku easy and powerful, including provisioning, consumption, and single sign-on.

Ecosystem Partner Program benefits

Partnering with Heroku offers a range of benefits for both your company and your customers.

Our program highlights include the following:

  • One-click install from the Heroku Dashboard or CLI
  • REST API and tooling for easy technical integrations
  • Integrated billing and fraud expense coverage
  • Product discovery through the Heroku Elements Marketplace
  • Co-marketing opportunities through Heroku channels
  • Access to technical engineering resources

Optimizing the Heroku Add-on user experience

We encourage our Ecosystem Partners to consider ways that their service can integrate more deeply into the Heroku developer experience. For example, your add-on may allow customization of the Heroku Dashboard through integrating management controls or data. Or, your add-on may offer CLI plug-ins or tiered permissions. Integrating your add-on with Heroku platform processes, such as deployment, logs, or the platform API, can provide even more value to your customers and help drive usage and retention of your service. If you’d like to discuss ideas for building a deeper integration with Heroku, please contact us.

Ecosystem Partner Resource Center

Heroku provides extensive documentation to support our Ecosystem Partners. You’ll find detailed information on how add-ons work with the Heroku platform, as well as step by step instructions on how to deliver your service through Heroku. The following are some quick links to get you started. Visit the partner resource center for full documentation.

How to partner with Heroku

Find everything you need to know about the process and responsibilities of partnering with Heroku.

How Heroku Add-ons work

Learn how our add-ons system is designed to make integration with your service a breeze.

How to build a Heroku Add-on

Get a hands-on guide to building a Heroku Add-on using our simple tools, complete reference docs, and sample code.

Useful links for partners

Once you become a Heroku Ecosystem Partner, the following quick links will help answer further questions or contact us to make changes.

Become a Heroku Ecosystem Partner

We’re always seeking new partners and add-on offerings for our customers. If you have a cloud-based service that might be a good fit for Heroku, we would love to hear from you.

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