The Heroku experience developers love, with the enterprise features large companies need

Support for modern open source languages

Run multiple languages, like Node.js, Ruby, Java, Clojure, Scala, Go, Python, and PHP all from the same platform--use the right technologies for your application needs.

Smart containers, elastic runtime

Your apps run in dynos, smart containers which are part of an elastic runtime platform that provides orchestration, load balancing, security, logging, and more.

Simple horizontal and vertical scalability

Heroku Enterprise runs some of the highest traffic and most demanding applications in the world. Easily scale apps in a single click with no downtime.

Trusted application operations

Heroku's global operations and security team is on duty 24/7/365, freeing development teams to focus on creating more compelling user experiences.

Built for continuous integration and delivery

Deploy from Git, GitHub, or Docker, or using an API. Plug into the most popular CI systems and servers for consistent and automated application delivery.

Leading platform tools and services ecosystem

Compose apps with Add-ons, customize language stacks with Buildpacks and jumpstart projects with Buttons, all from the Heroku Elements marketplace.

Why enterprise companies trust Heroku

Heroku provides a secure, enterprise-grade platform for organizations of any size. We regularly perform audits and maintain PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC compliance to further strengthen our trust with customers. Learn more about our compliance programs.

Simplify compliance

We’ve already validated compliance for the majority of the stack used to deliver your apps.

Data controls and privacy

Heroku gives you control over your customer data and which region it’s stored, and ensures it remains private.

Build apps for regulated industries

Heroku provides the simplest path for dev teams to deliver engaging apps that meet high compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Heroku handles more than 60 billion requests every day

That's more than 600,000 requests every second.

Everything an enterprise needs in an app platform



Helping teams build apps together

Create secure, collaborative environments to accelerate team innovation.



Accountability with agility

Manage, track, audit and administer your organization's development processes, resources, users from a unified dashboard.



Success at any scale

Run mission-critical apps in production with peace of mind on a resilient, scalable and managed runtime stack.

Enterprise Grade Support


Trusted partnership

Rely on a trusted enterprise relationship with Heroku and Salesforce to make sure the apps your users depend on run smoothly.

Heroku Enterprise provides a simple, easy to use, and powerful set of features to manage your enterprise application development processes, resources, and users

Heroku Private Spaces

Network isolated, dedicated runtime environments for enhanced privacy, power, and performance. More on Heroku Private Spaces →

Sync data with Salesforce using Heroku Connect

Build apps on the Heroku platform and use Heroku Connect to sync data between your Salesforce deployment and Heroku Postgres. More on Heroku Connect →

Enterprise Teams for secure collaboration

Secure, collaborative environments for teams of any size with the ability to set up SSO, download usage reports for cost accountability and detailed customizable app permissions. Enterprise Teams docs →

Fine-grained access controls

Seamlessly integrated permissions sets to give users the access privileges they need without slowing productivity.

Resource utilization management

Unified tracking across application portfolios to improve resource management and consumption.

Heroku Solutions Architects

Heroku Solutions Architects to guide through major customer traffic events, application architecture design, white-glove onboarding, and more.

Unlimited Heroku CI-enabled pipelines

Get an unlimited number of CI-enabled Heroku Pipelines and test runs. Existing Heroku Enterprise dyno credits are automatically used for test runs (Performance M is the default). More on Heroku CI →

Heroku Shield for HIPAA & PCI compliant apps

Heroku Shield is a set of platform services, including instances of Private Spaces, Connect, Apache Kafka on Heroku, Postgres, and Private Dynos, that offer additional security features for high compliance apps. More on Heroku Shield →

SSO for Heroku

Use your Identity Provider of choice, like Salesforce Identity, Okta, PingOne, Microsoft Active Directory, or PingFederate to manage developer access and authorization. SSO for Heroku docs →

Enterprise Accounts for team and user administration

Increase accountability and visibility with unified team and user management, company-wide SSO, detailed usage reports and audit logs. Fast, simple creation and management of unlimited teams and users. More on Enterprise Team and Account administration →

Shared application portfolio

Teams of developers, partners, and contractors working together on the same group of apps for greater productivity and teamwork.

Add-on controls

Allowlist the add-on services that can be provisioned to standardize the technology your team uses to build apps.

Enterprise grade support

Salesforce Success Plans are designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. The Success Plans combine the power of Salesforce with deep Heroku expertise, tailored to your business. More on Salesforce Success Plans →

Resources and Documentation

Developer Docs
  • Heroku Enterprise

    View the full library of documentation on the products and features only available through Heroku Enterprise.

  • Heroku Trailhead Modules

    Take the Heroku trail and get in-depth tutorials on Heroku Enterprise, Heroku Connect, Salesforce integrations, and more.

White Papers & Webinars
Articles & Case Studies
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New! The Heroku Architecture Designer credential validates an architect’s knowledge, skills, and experience architecting scalable, enterprise-grade solutions on Heroku Enterprise. Be one of the first to earn this credential.

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“We’re investing in Heroku because its cloud-based platform allows us to be agile and incremental in our approach to development. Without the worry of infrastructure, we’ve increased our efficiency and deployment speed, and we are achieving our goals faster than ever.”

Alex Porter
VP of Product Development, Clear Channel Outdoor
Clear Channel Outdoor’s story →

“Enterprises need greater visibility around applications and scalability, and Heroku Enterprise adds those features to the core Heroku value proposition. Over the years, I've worked on many highly complex enterprise Salesforce projects. I'm excited to have Heroku Enterprise available to me for my next one.”

Matthew Francis
Director, Platform & Mobility, PwC

“Enterprise Accounts have been a great help for us getting SOC2 compliance. Its permissions are also a big step in security, allowing us to move towards the principle of least privilege for our organization, while still being easy to use for our development team.”

Mike Chan
VP of Engineering, Envoy
Envoy’s story →

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