Node.js Global Summit

May 30 , 2020

#StayHome and join Heroku online for Node.js Global Summit. Node.js Global Summit is a 12-hour virtual event with over 40 speakers and 30,000 expected registrants. Heroku Lead Developer Advocate Julián Duque and Software Engineer Danielle Adams will also have live talks. Register today!


Speaker: Juilan Duque, Lead Developer Advocate
Session: Let's debug Node.js Applications
Description: In this talk, we are going to learn how to properly debug Node.js applications, from using the Node Inspector and it's features to using the protocol from other tools like VSCode or ndb, we will discuss the difficulties of debugging asynchronous applications and some other tips and tricks for debugging.

Speaker: Danielle Adams
Session: Selecting a Package Manager
Description: Like decisions with many Node.js tools, choosing a package manager comes down to evaluating the right one for the job. With the ecosystem quickly evolving from one day to the next, it's hard to find the most up-to-date info to make an informed decision without succumbing to analysis paralysis. Let's walk through the benefits and costs of the top open-sourced package managers so that every Node.js developer feels confident to select the most fitting tool for any job.

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