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Curated apps and platform solutions from select partners, with source code and single-click Heroku Button deployments.


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NSD (Nihon System Design)

/ CMS, Heroku Connect

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YABUMI Survey is an application that can link records created in Salesforce with Heroku on Heroku Connect and send surveys simultaneously to the target person using SendGrid.

Simple CMS on Heroku

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/ CMS, Heroku Connect


This web app allows for the implementation of Simple Content Management System on Salesforce Heroku. The architecture allows for seamless front-end app integration into Salesforce via Heroku Connect, allowing internal users to edit articles and topics via Salesforce as the backend and have them reflected on the consumer front-end. This simplifies the handling of Web contents by not using complicated CMS packages, but instead using Salesforce as the backend editing tool.

EC-Cube eCommerce on Heroku

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/ Mobile, Analytics

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EC - CUBE eCommerce customized to run on Heroku using version 3.0.16. This project allows for EC - CUBE eCommerce, a top open-source eCommerce framework in Japan to be built quickly and easily on Heroku.


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/ CRM Cloud, Heroku Connect, Portal, Time Management

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Whether for internal reporting, invoicing, or payroll, time-tracking is an essential part of most businesses. TimeTracker provides enterprises with the power to conduct multi-stage approval processes, group individual time entries under larger work efforts, and handle time-tracking email alerts on a scalable platform. Through Heroku Postgres and Heroku Connect, enterprises are enabled to gather time data for all of their employees and conveniently deliver that data to the "back-office" in Salesforce. Additionally, because time tracking tends to be a unique process for each organization, the entire solution is built in JavaScript to be easily and extensively customizable.

SPLASH extended - Customer Portal

SPLASH extended is a web portal template designed to provide a branded, responsive, mobile-friendly customer self-service, loyalty app or field service experience. This app illustrates how data is being published to a web portal, where it can be edited and pushed back to Salesforce via Heroku Connect. The admin user may have access to see and edit more data and maintain user logins, the customer' user may be limited to his personal data or just to individual fields of his customer record.

Cadalys Data Archive™

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/ Data Archiving

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Large data volumes in Salesforce provide cumbersome user experiences, and impact performance of key functionality such as Reports. Cadalys Data Archive™ enables enterprises to archive data out of Salesforce and into Heroku Postgres. Create user-defined criteria to archive standard and custom objects as well as their child records and attachments. View archived data in Salesforce with Lightning Connect.

Membership Registration and Management with Salesforce Platform

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TriFin Labs

/ Portal, Membership Registration

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A portal solution designed to provide a pixel perfect, responsive, membership marketing and registration experience. The app is built with Ruby on Rails and leverages Heroku Connect to seamlessly synchronize membership tiers, memberships, members, etc. between Heroku Postgres and Salesforce to offer up a beautiful front-end web and mobile experience for customers. Get started today and launch your new membership registration app on Heroku.

B2C E-Commerce on Salesforce

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/ E-Commerce

Contact TechnoMile

A B2C e-commerce application developed by TechnoMile for integrating Magento and Salesforce on the Heroku platform. Creating a intuitive and seamless pipeline to utilize customer profiles, orders, products, and leads across all platforms. Built on the Heroku platform this application also provides online merchants the creative and logistic control they need to propel a business forward.

Mobile Survey

Deploy to Heroku

/ Mobile, Heroku Connect

Contact Appirio

A survey tool optimized for mobile devices which connects to a Salesforce org and synchronizes survey data using Heroku Connect and RESTful web services. The surveys are built in Salesforce, and presented to users through an app built on Heroku. Users log into the app with their email address stored on their contact record in Salesforce to take surveys, and all survey data are stored back in Salesforce.

The front end of this app is built using HTML, CSS and AngularJS, while the server side is implemented as Node.js application running on Heroku utilizing a Postgres database. Salesforce data is synchronized bi-directionally with Postgres using Heroku Connect. RESTful web services move survey and answers data between Postgres and the web app.

Incident Manager

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Deloitte Digital

/ Mobile, Field Service

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Using example municipal management use cases, Incident Manager demonstrates how Heroku can be used as a platform for multi-channel engagement for Salesforce.com data, using the Salesforce APIs to power both an online and native mobile experience. Building on top of open source and native IOS toolkits, and utilizing Ruby on Rails, Incident Manager illustrates how simple it is to integrate Heroku to create meaningful customer experiences.

Google Analytics to Salesforce Wave

Deploy to Heroku

/ Data, Analytics

Contact Cervello

Google Analytics to Salesforce Wave is a Java/Scala application built on Heroku that takes your website performance from Google Analytics and loads it into Salesforce Analytics Cloud. All you need to do is define the data set you want and run the process to load Analytics Cloud. Once the data set is created you can build Lenses and Dashboards to gain further insights about your website performance.

Skyflow - Heroku Cloud Connector

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/ Data, Analytics, IoT

Contact Sylpheo

Skyflow.io is an ETL framework that runs as an app on top of Heroku. It seamlessly connects enterprise data and external events to business clouds from multiple providers (Salesforce, Wave, ExactTarget and many more APIs). It features an interface to manage flows, a complete PHP library to script them, and a simple API for IoT.

Engager - Customer Rewards

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/ Mobile, Loyalty

Contact GoNimbly

Built on Heroku with Node.js and React/HTML/CSS, deliver value to your customers and your organization simultaneously. This customer rewards architecture allows for valuable services to be extended to your customers. Seamless integration of key customer insights to your Sales Reps and Marketers happens via Heroku Connect and configurable engagement tools stored in a Heroku Postgres database allow you to quickly and independently adapt to new markets.

Vuetrx - Mobile Tracking and Engagement

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ClearBridge Mobile

/ Beacon, Mobile, Loyalty

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Vuetrx takes tracking and mobile engagement to the next level. Using BLE and Beacon technology, it can recognize your app user and location, and send real-time data to your Salesforce account via Heroku Connect to facilitate contextual, hyper-personalized user experiences. The system uses ActionHero to communicate between Postgres and the app.

WordPress on Heroku

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E-Commerce, CMS

Contact TechnoMile

The TechnoMile WordPress on Heroku app provides a foundation for making a Wordpress e-commerce website on the Heroku platform that will get your business up and running faster. This build pack has two varieties allowing you to utilize MySQL and Postgres databases and has been tested with the following WordPress plugins WP Google Analytics, All in One SEO Pack, Amazon S3 and Cloudfront, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

Drupal on Heroku

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E-Commerce, CMS

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The TechnoMile Drupal on Heroku app provides a foundation for making a Drupal E-Commerce website on Heroku that will get your business up and running faster. This build pack has two varieties allowing you to utilize MySQL and Postgres databases.

Includes defined Salesforce workflows