• Performance: Fast and Consistent

    Performance: Fast & Consistent

    Apps at scale require fast and consistent response times. In order to achieve this, Performance dynos are highly isolated from other dynos and apps. With 8 CPU cores, high I/O, and 6GB of RAM, they have the compute resources to handle the highest loads effortlessly and are ideal for high in-dyno concurrency architectures.

  • Visibility and Control

    Visibility and Control

    In order to maximize application performance, you need to be able to monitor and fine-tune it. Runtime Metrics provides access to CPU and memory usage for each dyno on your application. Plus, with New Relic or Librato, you can view app latency over time.

  • Premium Support

    Premium Support

    When apps achieve high-scale, they are being used around the clock. Heroku is here to support them 24×7. Premium support provides a 1-hour SLA for urgent tickets, and is available anytime. If you need even more hands-on assistance, Customer Solutions Architects are available to help you maximize your use of Heroku with architecture reviews and application tuning.

  • Heroku

    Heroku Postgres

    Heroku Postgres is a perfect complement to XL apps. Ika plans and above have the same performance isolation as high performance dynos. Choose the Premium tier to get high availability.

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