Applauze Enters the Ticket Sales and Events Market on Heroku

Mobile app developer moves from serving static content to dynamic engagement

Applauze is more than a ticket purchasing app — it’s a complete set of services for someone looking to attend an event. The app lets you find events, explore ticket pricing and seat locations, set calendar events, invite and plan with friends, search for local activities, or see what’s hot and interesting.

The Challenge: Setting Themselves Apart in a Highly Competitive Market

Applauze sources tickets from thousands of primary and secondary ticket providers, and uses data analytics and machine learning to recommend relevant events to its users, who can then easily purchase tickets via the app. The app's data is in constant flux, making development much more complex. For their new service to work, and to be competitive in a crowded market, the Applauze team needed to spend less time setting up the systems and more time releasing new features.

The Solution: The Power of Heroku’s Platform and Performance Tools

With the Heroku platform, the team built a deployment pipeline from development to production, and automated the entire process so they could quickly build, test and deploy new features and services. Heroku also brings a lot of convenience for performance testing: they could quickly clone their environment and do performance testing in an almost identical environment as production, without having to secure physical resources like servers. All this frees up the developers, so they can focus on customer-facing features and design.

We made a conscious decision right at the beginning. Our time was much better spent on our own business model rather than reinventing the wheel of deployment. Chris Stevenson, CTO, Applauze

App Experience: Immersive, not just Transactions

More than just a catalog of events, the Applauze app is an immersive customer experience that includes banners and posters from events, descriptions, location information, a real-time customer support chat feature built into the app, and starting times across many different event categories. You can buy your tickets through the app, invite friends or chat with them to make your plans, and post your plans to social media. Applauze even scans your music library to identify interesting activities based on your listening preferences. The Applauze app also includes free events, activities for children, street fairs and museum events.

The Applauze app engages the user beyond the ticket transaction, and is more of an exploration of activities and options with engagement with friends and family, backed by a top-notch customer support experience. It’s fast, clean, and the information is up-to-date even as prices and availability change, and all powered by Heroku.

Heroku for Immersive Ecommerce Mobile Solutions

Download Applauze for iOS to see for yourself the kinds of powerful customer-facing apps people are building on Heroku — and to discover, plan and buy tickets to your next event

Is your company looking to deliver an innovative mobile experience like Applauze? With Heroku you can build an immersive, online buying solution that engages your customer while offering easy selection, search and transaction, all in a single mobile app. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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