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Chris Castle

Director, Developer Advocacy, Heroku


Tobie Langel

Principal, UnlockOpen

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Thursday, July 9th 2020

Special Episode: Giving Back in Today's World


Julián Duque

Developer Advocate, Heroku


Matt Pfaltzgraf

Founder and CEO, Softgiving


Brian Wetzel

CTO, Softgiving

More and more people are turning towards fundraising platforms as a way of contributing to the causes they care about. Softgiving is one such service which prides itself on working closely with influencers, pairing them with charities that...

Tuesday, July 7th 2020

75. gRPC


Robert Blumen

Lead DevOps Engineer, Salesforce


Doug Fawley

Software Engineer, Google

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol for communication between a client and a server, and, while it's not a new concept, Google has evolved the idea with their own version: gRPC. Learn more about gRPC from Doug Fawley, who is the tech...