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Erin Allard

Platform Support Engineer, Heroku


Cory Haber

Vice President, Technology, Furnished Quarters

  • generative art
  • plotter art
  • ai
  • machine learning
  • processing
Tuesday, August 6th 2019

28. Effective Leadership Development


Shirley Xiaolin Xu

Software Engineer, Heroku


Trey Ford

VP, PM - Platform Trust, Heroku

We tend to think of engineering as a field with graduations. You start off as a junior, and as you develop your skills, knowledge, and understanding of technical systems, work your way up to a senior, then climb to the top as a principal....

Tuesday, July 30th 2019

27. Behind the Brand with Heroku's Lead Designer


Vikram Rana

Director, Product Marketing & Developer Advocacy, Heroku


Charlie Gleason

Lead Marketing Designer and Front End Developer, Heroku

Join Heroku’s head of product marketing and developer relations, Vikram Rana, as he chats with Heroku’s head of brand design and front-end developer, Charlie Gleason. From finding inspiration and choosing tools, to navigating morality and...