Cronycle Provides Curated Content through Big Data and Beautiful Design Built on Heroku

Personalized collections of articles culled by a powerful content aggregator and presented with a pixel-perfect responsive web and mobile experience

Content aggregator Cronycle gives control of content curation to the user, allowing them to search and filter for content of interest, and even filter out unwanted content. Unlike other services focusing on algorithmic recommendation, Cronycle offers complete user control and personalization. 'Collections' of selected content are created not only by users themselves, but also by bloggers and publishers to distribute branded content collections to Cronycle's user base.

The Challenge: Collecting and analyzing Internet content and putting it in the hands of their users

Cronycle wanted to provide the most timely and relevant content that the Internet had to offer with immediate real-time access, and this meant processing massive amounts of information on a daily basis prior to releasing it to their user base. The team recognized content linked on Twitter and via RSS feeds provided a rich source of current media, and leveraged these feeds to pull articles into their engine. This required substantial technological investments by Cronycle, including content scraping, text and image warehousing, parsing to strip out extraneous content, and big data analysis to amass a library of valuable content for their user base.

After archiving this searchable repository of content, Cronycle then needed a way to present this rich library of information to their users in a visually engaging and high-performance interface, that would give their users the best possible web, mobile and tablet experiences.

The Solution: Powerful, scalable big data and text processing delivering an immersive cross-platform experience built on Heroku

The same power and control Cronycle provides to their users, Heroku provides to Cronycle. The Heroku platform powers their robust aggregator engine, parsing 240,000+ links and analyzing 30GB of content every day, as well as their application backend that presents this information to their user base.

On high-activity Twitter days, Cronycle can scale up Heroku to continuously pull and digest more content with real-time updates for their user base allowing them to remain relevant and timely. With no infrastructure to set up or maintain, Cronycle’s lean team can focus on creating the best possible experience for their users.

App Experience

After a free sign up, Cronycle users can select sources to pull content from, such as RSS Feeds and Twitter sources. These sources can be sorted into collections, with each collection elegantly presenting the articles and content in a number of visually striking layouts with clean and minimalist presentation of simply the text and graphics of the article — no blinking ads, no distracting menus — simply the content in its purest form. Cronycle is a concentrated slice of the Internet, timely content beautifully presented and personalized by and for the user.

On an average day, Cronycle processes 30GB of images and videos, follows 127,000 twitter accounts looking for new content and scrapes and stores 240,000 articles per day. That ability to scale would not be possible for us without Heroku. Stephen Strudwick, Head of Technology, Cronycle

Does your company need to collect and analyze large amount of data or content, or present them in a compelling experience? Cronycle is a great example of a company using Heroku for content aggregation, analysis, and presentation to deliver an immersive customer experience. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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