Toyota Motor Europe

Shifting into High Gear: Toyota Motor Europe Runs 40+ Customer Facing Web Applications on the Heroku Platform

Toyota manages complexity and scalability for their mission-critical customer applications on Heroku.


Toyota Motor Europe oversees the wholesale sales and marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories, and Toyota’s European manufacturing and engineering operations.

The challenge: delivering a portfolio of applications

The complexity of Toyota Motor Europe’s business operations posed steep technology challenges for their IT Operations group. The division needed to operate the primary customer web applications (i.e. for the Toyota brand across more than 40 different countries in Europe, leading to more than 40 different applications internationalized for different languages and different countries.

Toyota Motor Europe sought to find solutions beyond their onsite data center that could operate at the scale, complexity, and mission-critical nature of these web applications. Toyota Motor Europe chose Heroku as their customer facing cloud platform to run these applications.

The solution: Toyota Motor Europe and Heroku

Heroku provided the trusted platform that Toyota Motor Europe needed to build and scale their continent-wide portfolio of customer-facing applications, at the speed and complexity of their businesses. Instead of having to deal with hundreds of cloud infrastructure deployment scripts or racking servers to scale, Toyota Motor Europe’s developers could now run on the Heroku platform—accelerating time to market and product agility for mission-critical applications.

With Heroku as their consolidated application platform, Toyota Motor Europe can now push out a shared customer experience across all their different territories, yet customize each application to the needs of each market. Whether you visit or, or any of the other 40+ different Toyota Motor Europe websites, your experience will be driven from this common core. This newly unified architecture is the first step of a larger vision for Toyota Motor Europe to bring new and innovative ways to service, engage, and understand their customers, powered by Heroku.

Toyota Motor Europe has a broad and complex portfolio of more than 40 interconnected customer-facing applications. We rely on Heroku as the platform for these mission-critical apps, and it is helping us transform how we connect and engage with our customers. Pierre Masai, CIO, Toyota Motor Europe