TV4 Presses Play with Heroku’s EU Safe Harbor Certification

Sweden's TV4 leveraged Heroku Europe to optimize the performance of their portfolio of apps, including their video streaming service.


Based in Sweden, TV4 Group is the country's largest commercial television company with a broad channel portfolio that includes a wide range of programming: news, sport, entertainment, film, and more.

To bring TV4 online, TV4 turned to the Heroku platform to bring their new streaming video service TV4 Play live in 2010. They found that Heroku gave them the flexibility to quickly scale up for large traffic spikes for high traffic live events and then scale down to normal traffic level afterwards. Their On-Demand Video app gets over 750,000 unique visitors a week, all powered by Heroku. TV4 has continued to migrate more of their legacy applications from their hosting company, and dedicated new development onto the Heroku platform.

Heroku’s commitment to performance and trust in Europe

Heroku has invested heavily in improving the development and deployment experience in Europe, with a dedicated Heroku Europe region for improved responsiveness and performance. TV4 reported 150ms improvements in web performance by deploying their apps in the Heroku Europe region, and has since deployed all their apps in this zone to provide their customers the best experience possible. TV4’s usage of Heroku in Europe continues to deepen, with Heroku Safe Harbor certification providing trust around new projects TV4 looks to launch to better connect with their customers.

We've moved more and more apps and services to Heroku over the years, and now we will be able to use it even more, for storing customer data and providing more personalized services while still following the Safe Harbor regulation. Per Åström, Head of Innovation, TV4