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Corey Martin

Customer Solutions Architect, Heroku


Adam McCrea

Full Stack Developer, Rails Autoscale

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Tuesday, January 7th 2020

51. Best Practices in Error Handling


Julián Duque

Developer Advocate, Heroku


Ruben Bridgewater

Senior Software Architect, Freelancer

Errors are a fundamental part of the programming experience. Learning how to receive and react to them, as well as responding to the user who may have encountered one, is essential to building a great application experience. Ruben...

Tuesday, December 31st 2019

50. High Energy, Low Power: A Bluetooth Christmas Story


Charlie Gleason

User Interface / User Experience Lead, Heroku


Chris Castle

Developer Advocate, Heroku

Chris Castle has a two year nephew who, like most two year olds, likes pushing buttons—especially ones that turn lights on. When a Christmas tree appeared a few weeks ago, and lights were put up, he was very excited. At the same time, Chris...