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Corey Martin

Customer Solutions Architect, Heroku


Ifat Ribon

Senior Developer, LaunchPad Lab


Chris Ostrowski

CTO, Dutchie

  • Rails
  • databases
  • concurrency
  • DevOps
  • infrastructure
  • monitoring
Tuesday, January 12th 2021

107. How to Write Seriously Good Software


Rick Newman

Director of Engineering, Heroku


Marco Faella

Associate professor, University of Naples (Italy)

Writing legible, functionable code is the aspiration for many programmers. Defining what that actually means is another matter altogether. Our guest, Marco Faella, has written a book on the subject. We'll explore the characteristics good...

Tuesday, January 5th 2021

106. Growing a Self-Funded Company


Greg Nokes

Master Technical Architect, Heroku


Alli McGee

Product Manager, BiggerPockets


Lewis Buckley

Senior Application Engineer, BiggerPockets

Most companies talk about building for the customer—but when you’re a self-funded company like BiggerPockets, building a product that users pay for can be the difference between success and shutting down. Guests Alli McGee and Lewis Buckley...