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Joe Kutner

Java Language Owner, Heroku


Anupam Dagar

Undergraduate Student and GitHub Campus Expert, Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIIT Allahabad)

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Tuesday, November 12th 2019

44. GraphQL's Benefits and Costs


Owen Ou

Lead Engineer, Heroku


Tanmai Gopal

CEO, Hasura

GraphQL is a querying language with the aim of increasing the productivity of frontend and backend developers. It can make working with React easier, be used as an API for third-party clients, and allow for feature-rich applications to...

Tuesday, November 5th 2019

42. How to Prepare for Coding Interviews


Julián Duque

Developer Advocate, Heroku


Parker Phinney

CEO, Interview Cake

Coding problems can be the hardest part an interview. Whether you're standing in front of a blank whiteboard or typing on your laptop as someone watches over video chat, the process can be nerve wracking for even the most skilled coder....