For apps that require extra security and control, Heroku Private Spaces provide dedicated environments with secure, enterprise-grade topologies for running dynos and certain Heroku Add-ons. Each Private Space has its own isolated network, routing layer, and control plane that is not shared with any other apps outside the space. As part of Heroku Enterprise, Private Spaces enable developers to build and run Heroku apps that meet strict requirements for data protection and change control. Apps running in a Private Space can only run Private Dynos.

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Private dynos

Dynos in a Private Space are all connected via a virtual private network that is configured as part of the space. Private Dynos are available in six sizes and have characteristics that are similar to Performance Dynos, but with greater capacity. Like Performance Dynos, Private Dynos include professional features and do not share an underlying compute instance with other dynos. This means that they are more powerful and experience lower performance variability than Standard Dynos or below.