Heroku gives you simple, easy ways to…

Deploy from Git, your CI system or to the API using precompiled builds. You can also deploy on every push to a branch in GitHub as part of your team’s workflow. Heroku runs your app in a dyno — a smart, secure, curated container with your choice of Go version. Run apps with popular frameworks and libraries — Gin, Martini, Negroni, Gorilla, Stdlib and more. Heroku gets out of the way and doesn’t require changes to deploy your app. Heroku’s Go support docs →


Manage your app portfolio in a straightforward Dashboard or with a CLI. Extend your apps with 200+ fully managed add-ons for a range of functionality such as data stores, logging and more. Provisioning an add-on is as simple as heroku addons:create papertrail. You can just as easily add Heroku Postgres. Heroku contributes to key libraries such as pq, ensuring great Postgres support. Heroku Add-ons docs →


Heroku's horizontally scalable, share-nothing architecture is designed for building services in today's world of containerized applications. App Metrics let you see CPU, throughput and memory so you know when to scale in real time. Scaling out your Go app’s web process is as simple as a single CLI command `heroku ps:scale web=2:Standard-1x` or dragging a slider in the Heroku Dashboard. How to scale dynos →