Software Engineering Daily • Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

Platform Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is a model for deploying small, frequent changes to an application. In a continuous delivery workflow, code changes that are pushed to a repository set off a build process that spins up a new version of the application. Testing is performed against that new build before advancing it to production, merging it with the existing codebase.

Many continuous delivery products are getting built today because it is a wide open space–much like cloud providers or monitoring tools. There are subjective product and engineering decisions to be made depending on the audience for the product.

Heroku Flow is a continuous delivery platform built on top of Heroku, a platform as a service. Andy Appleton is an engineer at Heroku and he joins the show to describe how Heroku Flow was built. Two years of work went into the project from initial conception to launch.

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