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Powerful Ecosystem

Build opinionated MVC web apps with Django, powerful APIs with FastAPI, or process background jobs with Celery. Run your apps with Gunicorn, Uvicorn, or any other ASGI/WSGI server - the choice is yours!
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Fast Deploys

Deploy from Git, your CI system, or on every push to a branch on GitHub. Dependency installs are always consistent with your local environment thanks to transparent support for pip freeze.
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Easy Scaling

Heroku's stateless architecture is ideal for horizontal scaling of services. Issue a command or drag a slider to add capacity. Using larger dynos? Gunicorn will auto-adjust the number of worker processes it spawns.
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Be in the Flow

Collaborating easily, testing early, and deploying often are all part of Heroku Flow:
Heroku Pipelines streamline your workflow, Heroku Review Apps auto-deploy your PRs, Heroku CI tests anything you push to GitHub, and much more. Continuous Delivery on Heroku →

Architect and scale

The Heroku runtime makes it easy to deploy loosely coupled services that run in lightweight, isolated Linux containers known as dynos. The architecture of the Heroku platform encourages best practices that ensure durability and scalability. Heroku Platform Principles →

Extend and grow

Extend your app with relational databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL, leverage NoSQL data stores such as Redis® or MongoDB, stream events into Apache Kafka or an AMQP server, send emails, monitor your app – with 200+ add-ons, the possibilities are limitless. Heroku Add-ons →

Python on Heroku
Python wallpaper
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