“There’s an app for that” – only a few years ago a catchy marketing campaign introduced the world to a new relationship with the mobile phone. Now, apps have become a way of life for most of us. Whether mobile or web, apps and their underlying APIs are how we manage our lives, make purchases, socialize, stay informed, and interact with customers.

Are you a developer? If so, dive straight into our tutorials or go learn How Heroku Works. If not, please read on!

A focus on apps

Heroku is the quickest way for a company to become an apps company. Heroku is a service that enables companies to spend their time developing and deploying apps that immediately start producing value.

An app starts impacting the world when customers start interacting with it. Getting apps out in the wild, out onto the Internet quickly, and iterating, fast, is what can make or break companies.

Heroku focuses relentlessly on apps and the developer experience around apps. Heroku lets companies of all sizes embrace the value of apps, not the distraction of hardware, nor the distraction of servers - virtual or otherwise.

Why enabling developers matters

Heroku is an amazing developer experience. Heroku gets out of the way where it matters, letting devs get on with what they do best - developing apps.

Great apps come from developers using tools and languages they love. That’s why a great developer experience has always been at the very heart of what we do. We embrace the languages of the modern app economy: Node.js, Ruby, Java, Python, Scala, PHP and more.

Heroku makes the processes of deploying, configuring, scaling, tuning, and managing apps as simple and straightforward as possible, so that developers can focus on what’s most important: building great apps that delight and engage customers.

Deploying and maintaining apps should be frictionless, and these capabilities should be a part of a company's DNA.

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Trusting Heroku with success

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60+ Billion Requests per Day
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13+ Million Apps Created
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200+ Add-on Services
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2.8+ Million Managed Data Stores

Heroku is a company built on trust and security. Trust is the responsibility of each and every employee, and one we take very seriously.

Trust and transparency are core principles at Heroku - see our Status Site for example. We provide constant threat monitoring, automatic and seamless operating system vulnerability patching, and around-the-clock ops.

Heroku and data

Heroku is a platform for data as well as apps - providing a secure, scalable database-as-a-service with tons of developers tools like database followers, forking, dataclips and automated health checks.

Data lies at the heart of any significant app — whether it's customer data or data about the service it provides — an app and its data go hand in hand. Heroku's rich ecosystem of managed data services includes Heroku Postgres, Heroku Data for Redis and Apache Kafka on Heroku.

Developers shouldn't need to discover how to optimally provision a database through trial and error - but instead have immediate access to a scalable, highly available database with rollback - one that supports their apps and development style.

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An ecosystem of services

Heroku is an ecosystem of cloud services, which can be used to instantly extend applications with fully-managed services.

Using an existing, high-quality service is something that empowers developers - they can build more, faster, by using trusted services that provide the functionality that they require.

Heroku Add-ons are fully-managed services, integrated for use with Heroku. They can be provisioned and scaled in one command, and let developers extend the capabilities of an application.

Over 200 Add-ons are available, providing services ranging from databases to uptime alerts, messaging services or automatic backups to search, metrics or mail delivery.

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Scale and enterprise

Heroku is a suite of enterprise features that extends the Heroku developer experience through to the enterprise - providing enterprise level control, support and visibility into suites of applications.

Whether a 2-person startup or a 10,000-person enterprise, Heroku makes it easy for apps to scale. Not just in terms of ensuring your apps stay up - but also in terms of how apps are managed.

Imagine apps as collaborative - developers working together on the same app - sharing resources - and a company having a shared application portfolio with dedicated teams, add-on sharing, fine-grained access control, support SLAs and Heroku Enterprise Account Teams.

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Heroku grows with you

Heroku simplifies infrastructure planning, giving you one scalable platform and flexible pricing to support your evolving business.

Heroku is a proven solution for growing companies, from startups to SMBs to large enterprises. The platform adapts to your requirements at every stage — use only what you need today, and add advanced features when you need more.

Heroku offers pricing options for apps and organizations of all sizes. As your app grows, scale up the resources you need and pay only for what you consume.

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Heroku and Salesforce

Heroku is tightly integrated with Salesforce - providing seamless Heroku and Salesforce data synchronization, enabling companies to architect innovative apps that span both platforms.

Heroku is part of the Salesforce Platform, enabling enterprises to store and leverage customer data in Salesforce for full-cycle CRM engagement. Some enterprises go even further - storing and integrating with customer data in Salesforce enables full-cycle CRM engagement. Heroku provides seamless Heroku Postgres and Salesforce Data synchronization enabling organizations to go beyond the usual data architectures and combine the capabilities of the Lightning Platform and Heroku.

Imagine building modern applications that selectively sync data to Salesforce, enabling Service Cloud and Sales Cloud workflows.

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Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps — we're the fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.

  • Apps are transformative — apps are how customers now engage with companies.
  • Developers are critical to app success.
  • Security and operations are what Heroku does well — we do this to allow companies to focus on what matters: the app.
  • Data is at the heart of any app — and Heroku provides a secure, scalable database-as-a-service.
  • Ecosystems matter - Heroku provides over 200 Add-ons with which to instantly extend applications
  • Enterprise level controls lets companies support and manage portfolios of applications.
  • Heroku grows with the needs of evolving businesses, offering flexible pricing for apps and organizations of all sizes.
  • Seamless Heroku and Salesforce data synchronization makes it easy to build innovative apps that span both platforms.

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