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Great apps come from inspired and productive developers. The right tools and services will increase your development pace and help you bypass mundane tasks, remove friction, and simplify or automate processes. Not only can you get the job done and iterate quickly, but you’re more free to let the inspiration flow and produce your best work.

Heroku is a cloud-based, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) based on a managed container system for building, running, and managing modern apps. Heroku’s platform, tools, integrated services, and ecosystem are meticulously designed to support the best possible developer experience. That’s why Heroku has become a favorite app platform for hundreds of thousands of developers.

Heroku does the heavy lifting

Heroku gives you a set of powerful capabilities that deliver higher-order value. The Heroku platform is fully-managed, meaning that we take care of servers, hardware, and infrastructure, so you can stay focused on your app. The platform’s flexibility allows you to build apps using your preferred language or framework, and using popular architectural patterns, such as microservices.

Deploying apps on Heroku is fast and streamlined, with built-in workflows that support your team’s continuous integration and continuous delivery practices. The platform’s operational experience offers built-in tools for easily scaling and maintaining application health. Many Heroku developers use a range of free services to experiment, learn, and test out new ideas with their users before they are ready to scale.

Fast app delivery, short cycles

The Heroku Platform enables you to build and deploy apps fast. Whether you’re working on a personal project or a company product, Heroku helps you quickly prototype new ideas, build new features, or deliver new apps to production and beyond.

Polyglot platform

Heroku is flexible and adapts to your development style. The platform officially supports eight popular development languages and frameworks. Heroku Buildpacks extend the build system to support additional languages or customizations.

Simplified DevOps

With a fully-managed platform, Heroku’s staff monitors uptime, performance, and infrastructure concerns, freeing you from the distraction of setting up and managing your own servers and hardware operations.

Run apps for free

A range of free services on Heroku can help you experiment, play, or test out new ideas with your users. Signing up with Heroku gives you a pool of free dyno hours to use for your apps. Many of our add-on providers also offer free services.

Integrated data services

Heroku’s managed data services are optimized for developers, making it even easier to build data-driven apps. Choose Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis, and Apache Kafka on Heroku, or third-party add-on services.

Ecosystem of add-on services

Build apps faster by extending the Heroku platform with fully-managed cloud services that can be installed in one click. Over 175+ Heroku Add-ons support every stage of app development and operation.

Seamless scalability

Once your app gains traction with users, you can easily scale app resources with a single click or command using the Heroku Dashboard or CLI. The platform’s autoscaling feature allows your apps to instantly scale up or down as needed.

Documentation and support

The Heroku Dev Center offers a wealth of information, including technical reference docs, getting started guides by language, learning resources, changelogs, and more. In addition, Heroku offers a variety of support options for customized assistance. We're also proud of authoring the twelve-factor app manifesto.

Team collaboration

Heroku Teams offers shared app workspaces and centralized tools to manage your app project’s team, processes, and billing. Heroku Flow provides collaboration tools and workflows to support your continuous delivery and continuous integration practices.

A rewarding developer experience

Every detail of the Heroku experience, from capabilities to tools to workflows, is thoughtfully designed to delight and empower developers. Heroku removes frustrating obstacles and gives you the freedom to enjoy the best part of app development: building great apps. Learn more by exploring the following pages.

Free Services on Heroku

The Heroku platform and many of our ecosystem partners offer a range of free services to help you test new ideas before you’re ready to scale or invest further. Take advantage of free dyno hours, free data storage, or free access to third-party add-ons. In addition, all Heroku customers have access to the same free platform tools and open source elements.

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Heroku Platform

Heroku’s runtime services orchestrate and manage app execution and scale. Heroku officially supports eight popular languages and frameworks, as well as many more through custom buildpacks. The system and language stacks are monitored, patched, and upgraded, so it's always ready and up-to-date.

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Heroku Elements

Heroku provides opportunities to extend our runtime platform with additional code, tools, and services that help accelerate app development. An ecosystem of contributors, from individual developers to well-known technology companies, provide a broad range of offerings to our community in the Heroku Elements Marketplace.

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“Our team members are all massive fans of Heroku. Everyone loves the fact that Heroku is something that we don't have to manage — it just works.”

Ryan Townsend
CTO, SHIFT Commerce
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“Deployment is a breeze on the Heroku platform. Heroku gives our team the freedom to focus on developing a great product rather than on managing infrastructure.”

John Gerhardt
Lead Engineer, Contactually
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“From its early days, Heroku has worked magic. With a simple Git push, the Heroku platform does all the builds and deploys — it just makes the most sense from a developer standpoint. Now, I deploy to Heroku first before anywhere else.”

Anthony Eden
Founder, DNSimple
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“It’s a very powerful experience for a developer to code something, have it reviewed, and immediately push it to production on Heroku. If improvements are needed, the developer can make changes and push them out. Waiting for a release team or DevOps to deploy makes for a slower, more disconnected engineering experience.”

Fredrik Björk
CTO, The RealReal
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