Pricing overview. Heroku's pricing is based on resources you use.
Scale your dynos, choose your database, and dive into our Add-ons. Whatever you need.

Dynos are the unit of computing power on Heroku, providing lightweight, isolated containers that run your app.

Dynos can execute any process type and are designed to run and scale independently. A web dyno runs your code and responds to HTTP requests. Increase your web dynos to increase HTTP performance. A worker dyno executes background jobs, typically running your code and processing jobs from a queue. Increase your worker dynos to provide additional concurrency and capacity.

  • 1X

    512MB RAM

    1x CPU Share


  • 2X

    1024MB RAM

    2x CPU Share


  • Performance Dynos

    6GB RAM

    Superior Quality-of-Service

    Low latency, high throughput


Heroku Postgres is a fully managed, reliable and powerful database-as-a-service. More than just a database, Heroku Postgres provide a powerful suite of tools that keep your data safe and allow you to be more productive.

Dataclips are web-based queries that can be easily shared. Rollback your data to any point in time. Continuous protection keeps your data safe, available, and secure. Performance analytics provides query-level visibility recommends solutions to common problems. Premium Tier databases include a hot-standby database with automated failover. And of course Heroku handles all operations of the database, including infrastructure management, patch application, monitoring, and remediation.

  • Hobby


    Row limited

    Max 4 hours
    downtime / month

    Free — $9

  • Standard

    Continuous Protection

    Performance Analytics

    Fork / Follow

    1 hour rollback

    Max 1 hour
    downtime / month

    $50 — $3,500

  • Premium

    Standard Tier Features

    HA Database

    Encryption at rest

    1 Week rollback

    Max 15 minutes
    downtime / month

    $200 — $6,000

  • Enterprise

    Premium Tier Features

    1 Month rollback

    Largest available plans

    SLA Available

    $15,000 — $30,000

Support is available to all Heroku users through our Help application. Help allows you to file support tickets as well as search our documentation and community forum.

Support tickets are prioritized based on both severity (i.e. application outages vs bug reports) as well as overall account spend. If you require faster response times, 24×7 support, or 1-on-1 technical consulting, Premium Support and Customer Solutions Architecture are available. To purchase Premium Support please contact our sales team.

  • Standard Support

    Business Hour Support 1

    1+ Day Response Times


  • Premium Support

    24×7 Support

    1-hour Response SLA

    Starting at $1,000/month 2

  • Customer Solutions Architect

    Includes Premium Support

    Dedicated Technical Consulting

    Starting at $2,000/month 3

  1. Support business hours are 6AM to 6PM PDT.
  2. Greater of $1,000 or 20% of total monthly usage. Minimum 3 month commitment.
  3. Premium Support and additional $1,000.

Add-ons are Heroku Elements that make your app more powerful by extending Heroku's functionality, adding new features, or connecting third party services. Prices vary by provider.

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