About Heroku

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps.

Our service lets app developers spend their time on their application code, not managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations, or scaling.

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Heroku was founded in 2007 by Orion Henry, James Lindenbaum, and Adam Wiggins. It was acquired by Salesforce in 2011, and Heroku is now part of the Salesforce App Cloud.

Our Philosophy

Developer Productivity

Developer productivity is our battle cry, at the core of everything we do. Why require three steps when one will do? Why require any action at all when zero steps will do?


A deployment platform's workflow and experience should be designed. Every decision – from what HTTP cache to use, to the order of command-line flags, to the color of the buttons – has been made with a maniacal focus on developer productivity.

Our Crew

We wake up each day with the mission of making it easy and painless to build and run cloud apps. Open source is in our blood, and our team has created and contributes significantly to a wide variety of projects.