Front-End Engineering Manager

Heroku's mission is to create the fastest path for application developers to turn an idea into a modern production app of any scale. We strive to remove every obstacle that slows down creative coders and let them focus on their customers' experience while leaving everything else to our service. Today, Heroku's service powers millions of apps ranging from personal hobby apps to Internet top 100 apps. In aggregate, we serve more than 16+ billion requests per day. Yet it only takes minutes for a new developer to get the first app up and running, ready to serve customers.

At Heroku, we work in small groups who are heartfelt about our users’ problems. We plan weekly, chat daily and work closely together. Our team is a remote community with members excited to work together on challenging user interface problems. Equality is a core value for Salesforce; it's at the heart of everything we do and strive to be. That means equal opportunity, equal advancement and equal pay for all.

We hope you are excited about joining our community of folks who love to learn, collaborate, and build and sustain a great culture and help grow our team and platform.

The Heroku Front-End manager opportunity

  • Heroku Front-End is over 20 engineers and managers distributed around the US, EU, and Canada
  • Heroku Front-End team develops and operates the entire signed-in experience for customers. This includes all the web properties as well as the CLI and its underlying framework, oclif.
  • Our systems are built with ember, elixir, node, react, and ruby.
  • Our teams and leaders value team culture, inclusiveness, trust and safety above all
  • Our leadership group is spread across the experience spectrum and we offer a great opportunity to learn from a diverse group of leaders in a strong mentorship environment
  • We lead as a group, work closely together, share big responsibilities and support each other
  • Heroku Engineering is growing quickly and offers an opportunity for developing leaders to grow with us

Examples of manager-led work

  • Leading a fully distributed team of engineers working on multiple projects to iterate and ship something (ie: a customer-facing feature like Automated Cert Management or an engineering-driven infrastructure improvement like decoupling our authentication relay)
  • Shaping team collaboration models as we grow and evangelizing our methods within the broader engineering org
  • Driving discussions within the department to foster collaboration and team growth
  • Improving our recruiting framework to find the best talent at scale
  • Building relationships with our internal partners and stakeholders around Salesforce

Profiles relevant to us may feature

  • Experience managing in a fully remote environment
  • Fostering collaborative, engaging and inclusive team environments
  • Establishing clear priorities, expectations, and accountability for individuals and teams
  • Guiding people through periods of growth and change
  • Driving the execution and delivery of features by collaborating with many cross-functional teams, architects, product owners and engineers
  • Partnering with product managers to align on objectives, priorities, tradeoffs, and risk
  • Facilitating engineering meetings (stand-ups, planning, retrospectives, design discussions)
  • Empowering delivery teams to self-organize
  • Providing technical guidance, career development, and mentoring to team members
  • Maintaining high morale and motivating delivery teams to go above and beyond
  • Vocally advocating for technical excellence and helping teams make good decisions
  • Participating in architecture discussions and planning
  • Participating in cross-functional coordination, planning, and reviews with leads from other engineering teams
  • Maintaining and fostering our culture by interviewing and hiring only the most qualified individuals with an eye towards diversity
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to work effectively with geographically distributed teams and people of various backgrounds
  • Experience with IaaS, distributed systems and critical production systems is desirable, but not required

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