Front-End Software Engineer - Remote (Americas)

The Heroku Front-End Engineering Team is a group of distributed developers primarily responsible for the Heroku Dashboard ( and the Heroku CLI. We're a highly collaborative team that works closely with Product, Design, and API developers to produce consistent and cohesive experiences for our customers. Our applications are written in Ember.js, Elixir/Phoenix, and Node so experience with those technologies is preferred although not mandatory.

We're a distributed team so you are free to work from wherever you're comfortable. We require folks to overlap with US and EU time zones but your hours are ultimately yours to set. We communicate via Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, and Quip so despite not being physically co-located, we're still very much connected. We also get together in person for a week every three months for an on-site.

You should be passionate about

  • Ember.js
  • Polished user experiences
  • Writing comprehensive tests
  • Well factored code

Bonus skills

  • Experience with Elixir and Phoenix
  • Experience with Node
  • Consultancy experience
  • High quality side projects

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