Sr. Backend Data Integration Engineer, Heroku Connect Team

Heroku operates the world’s largest PaaS cloud, continuously delivering millions of apps with a high volume of deploys per day. Our vision is for teams to focus on building business value, using our tools to accelerate development and reduce operational overhead.

The Heroku Connect team works with the Salesforce platform and the Heroku Data Infrastructure teams to create new developer facing tools and services that help customers unlock the value of their data using both traditional relational stores and alternative streaming patterns. The success of our current product has helped us to identify larger opportunities to build new services that solve a wider range of integration and transformation challenges. We are seeking a senior backend developer who will enjoy the challenge of building, coordinating and scaling a distributed system while making design choices that shape how users think about their own architecture. Our team in distributed around North America and we are open to both local and remote candidates.

You should be excited about working in an collaborative environment where you will be responsible for learning or demonstrating your abilities to contribute to the team in the following ways:

  • Define and develop features that enable users to quickly create, deploy, operate and manage their data driven applications.
  • Solving performance and reliability issues with the products maintained by the Connect team.
  • Explore and articulate the connections and trade-offs between testability, reliability and development velocity to ensure we are continually raising our standard of engineering excellence.
  • Understanding the interactions and characteristics of key system components like data stores, caches and messaging systems.
  • Coordinating with internal Heroku and Salesforce teams to improve the service offered to our mutual customers.
  • Working with the core technologies deployed by the Connect Team including Python, Postgres, Kafka and Java.

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