Shamrock Raises the Bar on Customer Engagement with Heroku

Integrated e-commerce app built with Heroku Connect and Sales Cloud

Innisbrook is the fundraising division of paper product company Shamrock Corporation, providing a printed catalog to thousands of schools and organizations each year. Students and members can order gift wrap, magazines, chocolates, and other goods, helping these organizations raise funds for equipment, supplies, and other needs. The catalog aligns with Shamrock’s online e-commerce portal where users can enter their orders for purchase.

The Challenge: Meeting Customer Expectations

Shamrock recognized that their customers were increasingly demanding more from their digital experiences on the company's e-commerce portal. The portal’s user experience lacked the engagement that Shamrock wanted to provide, and it could not provide the social or mobile experiences that customers of their Innisbrook division were expecting. In addition, the fundraising market is highly seasonal due to academic calendaring and holiday scheduling, which led to significant traffic surges and customer experience degradation.

We recognized that we had to raise the bar to keep up with customer expectations and Heroku allowed us to do this easily. David Worth, President, Consumer Products, Shamrock Corporation

Prior to adopting Salesforce and Heroku, Shamrock had tried a number of different sales management tools, but struggled with poor adoption and limited reporting. In addition, all applications had previously been kept in-house at Shamrock’s North Carolina location, making the transition to the Heroku a significant shift in both hardware and software.

The Power of Integration: Salesforce Sales Cloud + Heroku + Distro/Packaging

Salesforce Partner Technomile built Shamrock’s new customer portal on the Heroku platform, synced with Saleforce's Sales Cloud via the Heroku Connect data synchronization service. Shamrock’s distribution and packaging system was also integrated into Sales Cloud, allowing orders in Salesforce to be funneled into the warehouse for packaging.

Shamrock now has a the ability to create product catalogs in Sales Cloud, push it out through their customer portal on Heroku to sell anything that they want, and when orders are entered through the e-commerce portal, a packaging label automatically gets printed out at the packing line for processing and out the back with a pre-prepared UPS label. This deep integration and automated workflow has opened up new opportunities for Shamrock to grow their business and innovate their product strategy.

How well do your customer applications integrate with your Salesforce clouds and internal processes? Shamrock is a great example of a company driving new innovation along with new efficiencies for their internal systems and new buying experiences for their customers. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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