Property Services Platform Transforms Multi-Family Buildings into Communities on Heroku

Myhomepayge connects residents to building staff, essential services, and each other

Life in the big city is fast-paced and fun, but also complex. Coming home from a hectic day downtown, one can face even more overwhelming demands on the homefront: clogged sinks, insurance research, dog walking...the list is endless. Today’s city dweller uses technology to stay on top of a busy lifestyle. However, managing everyday household needs in an apartment, condo, or coop is often a frustrating analog experience. What if it one’s home could go digital?

Turning the Home into a Hub

For those who live in large multi-family buildings, there’s now a technology solution that not only helps run their household, but also transforms their relationship with their home. Myhomepayge is a full-service platform that connects residents to their building’s management, as well as to the constellation of people, services, and events that surround their home. They can get to know their neighbors, discover the local scene, request maintenance, pay their rent, or get special offers from the best providers of goods and services in their area. Their home becomes plugged in - enabling a richer urban lifestyle.


Building a Better Place to Live

For property managers, Myhomepayge offers a powerful SaaS platform that transforms their relationship with their building’s residents. And unlike most property management software solutions, Myhomepayge is free of charge — the Myhomepayge team will even integrate their software with existing back-end systems. From their own branded website, building staff can easily manage communications, transactions, and shared files, as well as connect the platform to their back-end systems to support record keeping processes. In addition to improving building management, Myhomepayge provides additional layers of value, such as social and e-commerce features, that help property managers attract, convert, and retain residents, as well as encourage brand advocacy. Creating an even better place to live is good for business.

One-Stop Shopping for the Urban Household

Myhomepayge gives local and online businesses an opportunity to develop a loyal customer base through a highly-targeted marketing channel. The marketplace allows residents to conveniently source a wide range of high-quality in-home services, such as movers, storage, insurance, housekeeping, pet care, even in-home massage or yoga instruction, as well as locally-based businesses. Special offers and loyalty programs can provide an exceptional experience for residents. All from the comfort of home!


Scaling Up Fast On Heroku

With over 19,000 residential units onboarded as of January 2015, and growing fast, the Myhomepayge team chose Heroku to run their platform.

From its inception, the Myhomepayge team had adopted Salesforce as their CRM platform and core database for storing customer-focused data. They designed a data model and custom objects for the property info and built out a native Salesforce database back-end. During development, they attended a Salesforce event and were introduced to the Heroku platform. As they explored deeper, they were convinced by the PaaS proposition for scaling apps. They had been experiencing difficulty managing a traditional, in-house hosting solution, particularly during downtime caused by Hurricane Sandy. Because Heroku was an integral part of the Salesforce product family, they felt confident that it was the right solution for them.

Heroku has a great Add-ons ecosystem and there’s a lot of support out there for all the components that we need. David Carlos, CTO, Myhomepayge

The team re-architected their platform to run on Heroku, taking a hybrid approach using PHP and MySQL. The front-end is built in HTML5 and CSS3, using a responsive, mobile-optimized design approach. PHP let them take advantage of existing code base and MySQL handles much of the non-CRM data, such as the platform’s calendar and documents library. Any CRM activity is tracked through Salesforce — all of a property’s residents are stored as contacts and authenticated through Salesforce. All customer interactions are mapped back to custom objects in Salesforce. They leveraged the Salesforce/Heroku ecosystem to easily integrate third-party technologies, such as an emergency alert system running on Heroku and integrated with Twilio. They also use Amazon S3 and Filepicker for all their documents.


Our app architecture is in great shape thanks to Heroku. Now it’s just a matter of turning dials to get the level of scale we need. David Carlos, CTO, Myhomepayge

Heroku has allowed the Myhomepayge team to tap the best of both the Salesforce and Heroku worlds and has given them a truly scalable back-end that can grow at the lightning pace of their business.

App Experience

Myhomepayge is free to use for both property managers and residents. Once a property is set up on the platform, all residents are onboarded and invited to activate their account.

Upon login, building residents can receive broadcast information or specialized messages such as emergency alerts or construction updates on a particular floor. Through a shared calendar they can view scheduled maintenance or events, or access documents such as house rules, forms, FAQs and other files. The platform also allows them to securely pay their rent or dues. A curated marketplace of relevant goods and services gives residents a convenient, and often discounted, way to take care of everyday household needs. Social features connect residents to their neighborhood as well as to each other - creating a real sense of community both online and offline.

For busy city dwellers, life just got a little easier.

Do you need to build a community app that incorporates payments and other third-party services? Myhomepayge built their app on Heroku and integrated it with Salesforce to provide an all-in-one comprehensive portal. For more information, contact Heroku today.

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