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One Ocean Resort and Spa
1 Ocean Blvd
Atlantic Beach, FL
United States
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Aug 12–14 , 2016
9:00am - 5:00pm EDT

THE MODERN DAY SPA - Paul Elliott, Engineering Manager, Saturday 8/13, 2.45pm The Heroku Dashboard is a single page application (SPA) that talks to a number of back-end services via CORS. Moving from a traditional web application to this kind of architecture has presented us with a number of hurdles to overcome but has proved to be a beautiful thing in practice. In this talk, I'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Heroku's architecture with specific focus on and the services that power it. I'll cover the challenges we had to overcome to get here, what worked or didn't, and what we've learned from the whole process. You'll see what the benefits and drawbacks are to this kind of architecture and how they impact the dynamics of the teams responsible for the various moving parts.

CREATING A HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAM - Jon McCartie, Support Manager, Saturday 8/13, 4pm High-performing teams may ship features frequently, but simply focusing your team on the next big release (over and over) will lead your team to burnout. So what else needs to be done? If you want a high-performance team, you must focus on the personal development of your team. We'll cover topics like honing your team's focus, strengths, setting goals, creating a high-feedback culture, and setting a sustainable pace.

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