Build apps faster on AWS with Heroku

Dec 13 , 2016
11:00am - 12:00pm PST

Apps are everywhere and customers expect them from your company. The experience customers have with apps can make or break your business, but how does your busy team find the time to build apps customers love? That’s easy - Heroku!

Heroku is the fastest way to go from idea to app. It takes out all those infrastructure headaches and lets you build, deliver, monitor, and scale apps in no time.

Join us for a live webinar on December 13th to hear from a real company who has used Heroku to revolutionize their business. Karl Baum, CTO of VTS, will share how Heroku has helped them: Deliver timely data to real estate owners and brokers in an easy, consumable way. Build apps fast to meet customer demands Add new features quickly Scale without worrying about operating and running their app infrastructure.

In 45 minutes, you can learn how to deliver apps customers and developers love.

  • Webinar