Rails Israel

Nov 14 , 2016
9:00am - 5:00pm IDT
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Love and Cables: Building a Dating App for Robots with Action Cable - Jonan Scheffler, Developer Advocate

Humans understand that we need love to thrive, but we have consistently failed to implement a means for our adorable robot companions to experience the most important of emotions.

We're going to build a chat room for our poor robot friends to find love using Rails 5 and Action Cable. We'll learn about websockets, dialog systems and finding meaning in this harsh, cruel world.

If we're going to succeed in our goal to build sentient robots that eventually overtake our world for our own protection we'll first need to teach them to love us. With any luck this presentation will set you well on your way to building your very own Skynet.

Come teach electrons to love with me. We may be imprisoned by our creations someday, it's best to make friends with our captors early.