Phoenix Convention Center
100 N 3rd St.
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
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Apr 25–27 , 2017
9:45am - 5:15pm MDT

Join Heroku at the largest official Ruby on Rails conference, hosted by Ruby Central. RailsConf has a specific focus on Rails with conference topics ranging from new users to administration to advanced techniques.

Be sure to listen to all of the different Heroku speakers:

Stella Cotton - Distributed Tracing: From Theory to Practice

Application performance monitoring is great for debugging inside a single app. However, as a system expands into multiple services, how can you understand the health of the system as a whole? Distributed tracing can help! You’ll learn the theory behind how distributed tracing works. But we’ll also dive into other practical considerations you won’t get from a README, like choosing libraries for Ruby apps and polyglot systems, infrastructure considerations, and security.

Jonan Scheffler - Inventing Friends: ActionCable + AVS = <3

Chatbots, ActionCable, A.I. and you. And many more buzzwords will enthral you in this talk.

We'll learn how to create a simple chatroom in Rails using ActionCable, then how to talk to your colleagues in the office or remote locations using text to speech and Amazon Voice Service.

Using the power of ActionCable we will explore how its possible to create an MMMOC: massively multiplayer online chatroom, that you can use TODAY to see your; Travis Build status, or deploy code to your favourite PAAS, let you know when the latest release of Rails is out. Using nothing but your voice and ActionCable.

Richard Schneeman - Bayes is BAE

Before programming, before formal probability there was Bayes. He introduced the notion that multiple uncertain estimates which are related could be combined to form a more certain estimate. It turns out that this extremely simple idea has a profound impact on how we write programs and how we can think about life. The applications range from machine learning and robotics to determining cancer treatments. In this talk we'll take an in depth look at Bayses rule and how it can be applied to solve problems in programming and beyond.

Caleb Thompson - Sorting Rubyists

Let's take a peek under the hood of the magical "sort" method, learning algorithms... by sorting audience members wearing numbers! Intimidated by the word "algorithm? Not sure what performance means? Confused by "Big O Notation"? Haven't even heard of best-, worst-, and average-case time complexities? No problem: we'll learn together! You can expect to come out knowing new things and with Benny Hill stuck in your head.

Amy Unger - Beyond validatespresenceof: ensuring eventual consistency

You've added background jobs. You have calls to external services that perform actions asynchronously. Your data is no longer always in one perfect state-- it's in one of tens or hundreds of acceptable states.

How can you confidently ensure that your data is valid without validations?

In this talk, I’ll introduce some data consistency issues you may see in your app when you begin introducing background jobs and external services. You’ll learn some patterns for handling failure so your data never gets out of sync and we’ll talk about strategies to detect when something is wrong.

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