Write/Speak/Code: Open Source Hours

Heroku - The Landmark Building
1 Market St., Suite 300
San Francisco, CA
United States
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Apr 17 , 2018
6:30pm - 9:30pm PDT

Heroku is proud to sponsor Write/Speak/Code SF.

Note: This meetup is only for coders of all levels who identify as a woman or non-binary.

Participants will get to submit pull requests to beginner friendly projects! There will be mentors to do pair programming with!

Please bring a photo ID for check-in with the front desk at Heroku. :)


6:30-7:00pm - Dinner, intro, and meet & greet

7:00-7:15pm - Intro and project remarks

7:15-9:30pm - Break off in groups (by project) and work

We'll be featuring the same projects from our last event so that people can gain more experience with those projects!

Featured Projects:

if me is an open source, not-for-profit mental health communication app to encourage people to talk about their experiences with loved ones. Our project is built and maintained by contributors many backgrounds and skill sets, not just technical folks. Starting conversations about mental health in immigrant and minority communities is important to us. We've translated our app to Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish. Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, jQuery, HTML, and SCSS. Check out our README and CONTRIBUTING.md to get started! We're also one of the Rails Girls Summer of Code projects this year!

Mentors: Julia Nguyen and Camille Villa

CodeBuddies is a community of independent code learners who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping each other learn faster. We built an open-sourced community-built platform that lets users schedule google hangouts to study, teach, or pair program together. The app is built using MeteorJS (HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Blaze), and our community is active on Slack. Please check out our README and contributing.md to get started if you'd like to contribute!

Mentor: Linda Peng

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