No Ops Required - How Heroku Powers Fast, Modern Innovation

Feb 26 , 2019

Scientists at The Royal College of Pathologists Quality Assurance Program (RCPAQAP) are brilliant people who don't have time to worry about managing operations and IT. They wanted to replace legacy systems and modernize their business and tech processes to better serve their customers, without spending time on a complex ops architecture. Enter Heroku.

In this webinar, you'll learn how this large, established organization undertook a full transformation, powered by Heroku, while staying focused on what they do best: ensuring medical lab quality and curing diseases. Hear how RCPAQAP achieved:

  • A fast, flexible modern tech stack, with the flexibility to choose off the shelf components and easily swap pieces as needed
  • A beautiful, functional front end that serves internal and external customers
  • A sound API that connects various systems, smoothly processes data and lets it flow
  • Continuous delivery, with code released daily
  • No Ops required!

With Heroku and Trineo, a software development company with over nine years of experience implementing solutions on this platform, RCPAQAP modernized their tech stack and their business at the same time, generating great results. So can you.

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