Live AMA: Engineering Management

May 27 , 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm PDT

Check out the AMA with Rick Newman, a Director of Engineering at Salesforce, where he answered questions about Engineering Management.

Who's Rick?

Rick’s spent more than a decade in engineering leadership with small and large teams learning about how people interact with each other and with organizations. His current focus is in fostering cultures of (appropriate!) vulnerability, trust, and feedback…especially with regard to those teams and groups that work entirely / primarily remote and distributed.

He’s prone to using far too many movie quotes in 1:1s to be considered reasonable and the people who work with him know more about his dog than they need to.

He’s a Director of Engineering at Salesforce where he works with a few different teams on observability, release management, and Languages support for the Heroku platform and for the upcoming Salesforce Evergreen.