Stream Salesforce Data to Drive Real-Time Apps, Actions, and Insights

Nov 10 , 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm PST

Heroku Streaming Data Connectors enable real-time data pipelines for multiple Salesforce and Orgs. You can now automate common business processes triggered by customer events.

For example, when a customer purchases an item on your website, it can trigger low-code tools for internal fulfillment workflows and analytics. Additional integrations are possible in this configuration, including Heroku apps in dynos, Salesforce Flow, Mulesoft, and more.

Watch the replay to learn how to:

  • Use Streaming Data Connectors to build data pipelines
  • Build a Unified Event Feed from Data in Multiple Salesforce and Orgs
  • Implement an event-based architecture without full app-rewrite
  • Kafka
  • Data Services
  • Salesforce